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Is Article mein Hum ap ko jazz 3G/4G internet packages ka bare mein batne jya rhe hai aj complete jazz Moblink internet packages daily,3day,weekly,monthly sub ap ka sath share karne jya rhe hai jazz pakistan ka no one network hai in ka internet packages bi bhot cheapest hai jazz bhot he lowest price mein internet provid karta hai agr ap jazz internet packages ka bare mein jana chahte hai tu article ko complete read karna .

Jazz Moblink 3G/4G Internet Details

  1. Jazz daily internet packages 
  2. jazz 3days internet packages
  3. jazz weekly internet packages
  4. jazz monthly internet packages
  5. jazz data sim internet packages
  6. jazz postpaid internet packages

Jazz Daily Internet packages

jazz daily internet packages jazz daily base par bhot achy rate par apne customers ko daily internet bundles provide karta hai jis mein jazz social bundle hourly bundles wgar.

Jazz Daily PackagesRs 1150MBS1 Day*117*11#Auto Expired
Jazz Daily Social PackageRs5500MBS1Day*114*5#Auto Expired
Jazz Daily data package(peak-off-peak)Rs24100MBS for 24hours 1100MBSfor 2.00Am to 2.00Pm1Day*117*4#Auto Expired
Jazz Daily Social Recursive packageRs5200MBS for Whatsapp,Facebook1Day*455#*455*4#
Jazz Daily Whatsapp&Sms PackageRs610MBS only for Whatsapp 1800 sms all networks1Day*334#*334*4#
Jazz Daily Hourly PackageRs202GB2Hours*846#Auto Expired

Jazz 3Day Internet Packages

jazz 3day internet packages bhot ache hai bhot lowest price mein jazz 3din ka liye apko internet provide karta hai jazz 4G best network hai.
Jazz 3Day Interenet PackageRs25100MBS3Days*117*1#Auto Expired
Jazz 3Day Extreme PackageRs18500MBS3Day Vaild only 2.00Am to 2.00Pm*114*14#*114*14*4#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

jazz weekly internet packages agr ap dialy package kare kare thak gye hain tu ap ka liye jazz ka weekly internet lowest rate par packages lye kare aye hain jis se ap apni jazz moblink warid sim par pura hafta internet use kare paye ge.
Jazz weekly social packageRs508GB for Whatsapp,facebook,imo
(2.00Am to 2.00Pm
7Days*660#Auto Expired
Jazz Mega PackageRs1905GB7Days*159#*159*4#
jazz weekly premium PackageRs1322000MBS7Days*117*47#*117*47*4#
Jazz weekly
Browser Package
Jazz weekly Streamer PackageRs80700MBS7Days*117*7#*117*7*4#
Jazz weekly Extreme PackageRs712500MBS  2.00Am to 2.00Pm7Days*117*14#Auto Expired
Jazz weekly
Super Mega Package
Rs2505000MBS Besides 2500 on net,off net minutes+2500Sms7Days*505#Auto Expired

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 

Friends agr ap daily aur weekly internet bundles se tang ay gye hai aur chahte hai ka ab monthly base par package ho tu hum ap ka sath cheapest rate mein jazz ka monthly internet packages share karne jya rhe hain.

Jazz Monthly internet
Jazz Monthly Extreme
internet package
Jazz Monthly Mega Internet PackageRs359 you need rs466 load4200MBS30Days*117*31#Auto Expired
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus internet packageRs5987500MBS30Days*117*30#Auto Expired
Jazz Monthly Supreme internet packageRs8978GB30Days*117*32#*117*32*4#
Jazz Monthly super duber cardRs6002000MBS,MINUES,SMS150 Off net miutes30Days*601#Auto Expired
Jazz sim lagao offerRs0On-net:3000Mins (Jazz+Warid) 50 mins /day (except 6pm-10pm),Internet:1500MBs (except 9pm-1am)SMS:300030Days*551#Auto Expired

Jazz 4G Data Sim Internet Packages

Friends agr ap ka pass jazz ki data sim hai tu aj us ka liye bi hum bhot ache jazz data sim packages share karne jya rhe hai.
Jazz data sim Monthly Basic Internet packageRs99915GB30Days*117*71#*117*71*4#
Jazz data sim Monthly Regular Internet packageRs150036GB30Days*117*73#*117*73*4#
Jazz data sim Monthly Heavy Internet packageRs250075GB30Days*117*74#*117*74*4#

Jazz 2G,3G,4G Postpaid Internet Packages

Friends agr ap postpaid jazz ki sim use karte hain tu aj hum ap ka liye jazz postpaid internet packages lye kare aye hain.

Jazz Monthly Postpaid Streamer PackageRs250(Tex)2000MBS30Days*446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Premium PackageRs500(Tex)5000MBS30Days*446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid super PackageRs1200(Tex)24,000MBS30Days*446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Supreme packageRs800(Tex)14,000MBS30Days*446#
Jazz Monthly Postapaid Unlimited Internet pacagesRs2200(Tex)50,000Mbs30Days*446#

  • Terms & Conditions
  • The price includes the tax.
  • The packages are for all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • You will not be charged for dialling the Status codes.
  • If you have sufficient account balance, the bundles will be automatically re-subscribed at midnight.
  • If you have consumed the bucket within the given limit, 0.30 Rs/MB will be charged

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