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jazz new call packages
jazz new call packages 

Toady we are going to give you jazz new call packages 2020 lowest rate jazz no 1 telecom network in pakistan provide very lowest rate call pacakges. Jazz, the best positioning telecom specialist co-op of Pakistan gives superb call, SMS and web bundles to its in excess of 50 million clients for over 20 years. Jazz keeps up the nature of its administrations by utilizing the incorporated innovation and current procedures. The unrivaled client administrations and the immense universal wandering administration crosswise over 150 nations of the world have made the organization the main telecom specialist co-op.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz daily base par bhot lowest Price par apne customers ko call bundles provid karta hai.jazz ka daily bundles bhot ache hai daily bundles ki details

Jazz Daily Call Package on networkRs10Unlimited On Network Minutes+20MBS+150Sms1Day(12.00Am to 7.00PM)*340#*340*4#
Jazz Super F&F Daily Call PackageRs10Unlimited Call+Sms on F&F jazz number1Day*141*F&F Number#Auto Expired
Jazz Punjab Call Packages All CitiesRs7100 on network Minutes+100Sms1 Day*6000#Auto Expired
Jazz Sindh Call Packages All CitiesRs12Unlimited on net Minutes+250MBS+1500Sms1Day*522#Auto Expired
Jazz LBC KpK Call Packages
All Cities
Rs10Unlimited on network Minutes +1500Sms+100MBS1Day*291#*291*4#
Jazz Super Daily Call PackageRs14300Minutes Warid+jazz1Day*212#*212*4#
Jazz Apna Sehar Offer
selected cities
Rs10Unlimited Minutes+1500Sms+100MBS1Day*229#*229*4#

Jazz 3Days Call Packages

Jazz 3 din ka liye apko special offer deyte hai.

Jazz 3Days Call PackageRs36(incld Tex)500 on network Minutes3Days*211#Auto Expired

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

jazz weekly base par lowest price mein bhot ache weekly bundles provid karta hai jazz besst telecom network in pakistan.
Jazz Weekly Haftwar PackageRs85(incTex)1000 jazz warid Minutes+100MBS+1000Sms7Days*407#*407*4#
Jazz Weekly Mega Super Duper Call PackageRs299(inc Tex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs3895000 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 10GB Internet (5 GB between 2AM-2PM)7Days*505#*505*4#
Jazz Weekly All Network Call Package Rs155(in Tex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs2021000 on network Minutes+50 off network+1000MBS+Sms7Days*700#*700*4#
Jazz Weekly Super duper Call PackageRs199(inc Tex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs 2591500 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 3000MB Internet7Days*770#Auto Expired

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

jazz pura mahina call's ka liye  jazz monthly base par bhot zabardast packages provid karta hai jazz jis se jazz users is liye use kare sakte hai jazz lowest price monthly call packages.
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Call PackageRs499(inc Tex) 200 All Network Minutes 1500 SMS 5GB Internet30Days*2000#Auto Expired
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Monthly Card PackageRs600(incTex)2000 Free On Network Minutes 150 Off-Network Minutes 2000 SMS 2GB Internet30Days*601#Auto Expired
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Card PackageRs765(incTex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs10004000 Free On-Net Minutes 200 Off-Net Minutes 4000 SMS 8GB Internet30Days*707#*707*4#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper PackageRs460(inc Tex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs6002000 Jazz+Warid Minutes Off-net: 100 Minutes 2GB Internet 2000 SMS30Days*706#Auto Expired

Jazz Call Packages For Hybird City

Jazz sindh offer only for hybird city ye packages sirf hybird mein use ho ge.
Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid PackageRs10(incTex)100000 Free On-Net Minutes 100000 SMS 100MB Internet1Day*400#Auto Expired
Jazz Hybrid OfferRs99(ncTex)RECHARGE REQUIREDRs1291000 Free On-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 100MB Internet7Days*407#*407*4#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs390(incTex)RECHARGE REQUIRED Rs50710,000 Free On-Net Minutes 10,000 SMS 1GB Internet30Days*430#*430*4#

Jazz PostPaid Call Packages

Jazz postpaid call bundles ye packages sirf jazz ka postpaid customers ka liye hai agr ap ka postpaid user hai tu ye packages ap ka liye hain.

Jazz Monthly Postpaid Call PackagesRs1500(Excl. Tax)Unlimited Jazz + Warid Minutes 500 Other Network Minutes 7000 SMS +700MB Internet30DaysN/AN/A
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Cheapest Rate PackageRs300(Excl. Tax)1000 Jazz + Warid Minutes 150 Other Network Minutes 500MB Internet + 150 SMS30DaysN/AN/A
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Call PackagesRs600(Excl. Tax)2000 Jazz + Warid Minutes 300 Other Network Minutes 100MB Internet + 300 SMS30DaysN/AN/A
Monthly Jazz Postpaid PackageRs999(Excl. Tax)Unlimited Jazz + Warid Minutes 500 Other Network Minutes 200MB Internet30DaysN/AN/A

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