jazz sms packages
jazz sms packages

Hello jazz users Jazz developed and finally with around 59 million people, became the largest telecom network in Pakistan. Jazz always offers its users with the best Internet and wonderful call packages. Though we know that SMS/Messages trends no longer famous as WhatsApp and other social media platforms offer us various SMS Packages and Internet packages. Today the jazz SMS package will appear daily or even daily. weekly or monthly jazz SMS package 2021 divided into three categories; daily, weekly and monthly.

Jazz SMS Packages Daily Weekly and Monthly

The jazz daily SMS package starts with as most people prefer to use one day package and it suits them. There are three SMS packages on a daily basis. Depending on your needs, you can choose what you want, there are Internet MBS for using whatsapp, so here comes the jazz 1 day package or jazz whatsapp package.

Jazz offers many bundles to its caring customers like call bundles, SMS bundles and Internet bundles, jazz offers an unprecedented offer every day in each of these bundles. Jazz  is known in civil Pakistan as incredible bundles and administration. He welcomed 3g licenses and sold 10 MHZ blocks in the 21 MHZ band. In March 2017, The jse inaugurated its organization activity focus (nox) to deal with the daily network elements of IBM and DDL emi 1985 and provided an organization to 24x7 to supervise the organization. Currently, 1800 MHZ t h j The new Islamabad network scheme has at present emerged to meet the increasing demand for lt and is located in other parts of the country.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

fast growing world of connectivity, everyone loves to be in touch with their loved ones. Jazz through knowing your customers' needs brings exciting SMS bundles to cheap prices. If you love texting with your friends and family, don't think too much and get the best jazz daily SMS.

Jazz Daily Super F&F Sms PackageRs10Unlimited Sms+on net Minutes1DayDial *141*F&F Number#*141*4#
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs 7.2+tax1800Sms+10MBS  for Whatsapp1DayDial *334#*334*4#
Jazz Daily Hybrid Karachi  Sms PackageRs12250Sms+250MBS1DayDial *400#Auto Expired
Jazz Daily Apna Shehar PackageRs101500Sms+Unlimited On-net Minutes, 100MB 1DayDial *229#*229*4#

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Jazz provides various weekly SMS packages for its customers, which includes online minutes, offline minutes and a large SMS bundle of MBS. Most of these packages are packaged in the below table so that you can select the most  jazz SMS weekly package as per the requirement. Choose the best package for these jazz weekly SMS packages provided by the Jazz.

It also offers some interesting SMS packages for its Customers. Jazz weekly SMS is a good bundle and reliable for customers.

Jazz Weekly Once Off PackageRs151500 SMS to all networks+25MBs (Only for WhatsApp)7DaysDial *101*1*07#*101*4*07#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder PackageRs841000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 250MB7DaysDial *747#Auto Expired
Jazz Haftawar OfferRs851000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 100MBs7DaysDial *407# *407*4#
Jazz Weekly All Network PackageRs1301000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 300MB7DaysDial *700# *700*4#
Jazz Mega Super Duper Weekly PackageRs2502500 SMS to all networks+2500 On-net minutes, 5000MB, 50 Off-net minutes7DaysDial *505#Auto Expired

1.JAZZ WEEKLY HYBRID sms BUNDLE Internet: 500MBCall Minutes:1000 Jazz Warid Minutes Other Network Minutes 201000 SMS for all NetworksValidity: 7 daysPrice:Rs. 115 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs. 130How to Subscribe: Dial *407#
2. JAZZ WEEKLY ALL sms NETWORKS PACKAGEInternet: 2GB dataCall Minutes: 1000 Jazz Warid Mins Other Network Mins 60SMS: 1000Validity: 7 daysPrice:Rs.170 How to Subscribe: Dial *700#
3. JAZZ WEEKLY sms SUPER DUPER BUNDLEInternet:3GBCall Minutes: 1500 Jazz Warid Mins Other Network Mins 60SMS: 1500Validity: 7 daysPrice:Rs.210 (Incl. tax) Recharge Required Rs.224How to Subscribe: Dial *770#
4.JAZZ SUPER DUPER PLUS SMS OFFERInternet: 12 GBCall Minutes:5000 Jazz Mins Other Network Mins 5000 SMS 60SMS: 5000Validity: 7 daysPrice:Rs.299 or Rs.240 (Incl. Tax)How to Subscribe:*505#
5.JAZZ SuPER MAX SMS OFFERInternet: 30 GBCall Minutes: 6000 Jazz Mins Other Network Mins 60SMS: 6000Validity: 7 daysPrice:Rs.299 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.3How to Subscribe: Dial *506#

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz Customers who do not want to activate their package in daily routine and want jazz for longer duration packages prove monthly SMS packages for customer convenience. Jazz offers different monthly SMS packages which are given below.

Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS PackageRs7012000 SMS to all networks+5000 MB for WhatsApp only30DaysDial *101*1*02#*101*4*02#
1.JAZZ MAHANA SMs  OFFERInternet: 2GB for Wahtsapp and imoCall Minutes:200 Jazz Mins Other Network Mins 201000 SMS for all NetworksValidity: 30 daysPrice: Rs.75 (Incl. Tax)How to Subscribe: Dial *614#
2.JAZZ MONTHLY HYBRID sms BUNDLEInternet: 1GB dataCall Minutes: Unlimited Jazz Warid  Mins on Sunday 50 Other Network MinsSMS: 1000Validity: 30 daysPrice:Rs.444 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.500How to Subscribe: Dial *430#
3. JAZZ SUPER DUPER MONTHLY sms OFFERInternet:5 GBCall Minutes: 3000 Jazz Mins 150 Other Network MinsSMS: 3000Validity: 30 daysPrice:Rs.600 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.680How to Subscribe: Dial *706#
4.JAZZ SUPER DUPER PLUS  sms MONTHLY OFFERInternet: 15 GBCall Minutes:5000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network MinsSMS: 5000Validity: 30 daysPrice:Rs.977 (Incl. tax) Recharge Required Rs.1099
How to Subscribe:*707#

Terms & Conditions

 The SMS buckets discussed above are only for the prepaid users. The daily SMS packages automatically renew if you have sufficient account balance. If you do not have enough balance in the account, the SMS package expires when the duration ends, and on the next recharge, you need to get the SMS bucket again. The package can be converted any time but the standard charges will be applied on every conversion. No conversion is free. If you want to check the remaining SMS volume, the company does not apply the tax.

in this article. share with you  Latest Jazz sms offers and complete information about packages. As per my knowledge, best package monthly is a monthly package because monthly package will allow you to easily use a large amount of SMS bundles during the month without any problem and you don't need to upgrade it again. Your entire month will be spent easily and you can chat without any time balance problem.

Please share this New Jazz SMS offer  information with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, Whattsapp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. If you any problem or  Question or more details about this Package then comment in below.
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