Jazz Moblink SMS Packages Daily,Weekly,Monthly 2020

- September 11, 2020

Jazz All Sms Packages Daily,weekly,Monthly2020

jazz sms packages
jazz sms packages

Jazz sms packages Is Article mein Hum apko jazz sms packages full details ka sath batne waly hai jazz daily sms package jazz weekly sms packages jazz monthly sms packages sub ka bre mein apko batya  jye ga agr ap jana chahte hai jazz sms bundles ka bare main tu article ko complete read karna.

Jazz Moblink Sms Full Deatils

Jazz Daily SMS Packages 

jazz daily base par apne customers ko bhot achy rate par sms daily bundles provide karta hai in packages mein sms+whatsapp ya mbs bi apko milty hai.

Jazz Daily Super F&F Sms PackageRs10Unlimited Sms+on net Minutes1DayDial *141*F&F Number#*141*4#
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs61800Sms+10MBS  for Whatsapp1DayDial *334#*334*4#
Jazz Daily Hybrid Karachi  Sms PackageRs12250Sms+250MBS1DayDial *400#Auto Expired
Jazz Daily Apna Shehar PackageRs101500Sms+Unlimited On-net Minutes, 100MB 1DayDial *229#*229*4#

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

jazz weekly base par bi lowest price mein sms packages provide karta hai jis mein apko sms,mbs,minutes milty hai jazz best network in pakistan .
Jazz Weekly Once Off Package Rs15 1500 SMS to all networks+25MBs (Only for WhatsApp) 7Days Dial *101*1*07# *101*4*07#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package Rs84 1000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 250MB 7Days Dial *747# Auto Expired
Jazz Haftawar Offer Rs85 1000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 100MBs 7Days Dial *407#  *407*4#
Jazz Weekly All Network Package Rs130 1000 SMS to all networks+1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 300MB 7Days Dial *700#  *700*4#
Jazz Mega Super Duper Weekly Package Rs250 2500 SMS to all networks+2500 On-net minutes, 5000MB, 50 Off-net minutes 7Days Dial *505# Auto Expired

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

monthly sms package jazz Jazz monthly base par bi lowest rate par sms packages provide karta hai jis mein apko  MBS+MINUTES+ miliye gye. jazz monthly package sms
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS PackageRs7012000 SMS to all networks+5000 MB for WhatsApp only30DaysDial *101*1*02#*101*4*02#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder PackageRs4991500 SMS to all networks+200 All Networks minutes, 5GB data30DaysDial *2000#Auto Expired
Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs39010,000SMS+ On-net minutes (Daily limit 333 minutes) 1000MB30DaysDial *430#*430*4#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper PlusRs7993000 SMS to all networks+3000 On-net minutes, 200 Off-net minutes, 5000MB30DaysDial *707#*707*4#
Jazz Super Duper Card PackageRs6002000 SMS to all networks+2000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 2000MB30DaysDial *601#Auto Expired
Jazz Super Duper Monthly PackageRs5202000 SMS to all networks+2000 On-net minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, 2000MB data30DaysDial *706#*706*4#

Terms & Conditions

 The SMS buckets discussed above are only for the prepaid users. The daily SMS packages automatically renew if you have sufficient account balance. If you do not have enough balance in the account, the SMS package expires when the duration ends, and on the next recharge, you need to get the SMS bucket again. The package can be converted any time but the standard charges will be applied on every conversion. No conversion is free. If you want to check the remaining SMS volume, the company does not apply the tax.