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speech on iqbal day
speech on iqbal day

Every year on 9th November, the birth anniversary of poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal is celebrated as Iqbal on the 9th of November. Allama Iqbal's fame, where he was a prominent figure in the present era of Muslims, was a prominent figure in Pakistan because he was able to present a complete map of the separate state of Muslims in Allahabad and then to Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pandan Koch had written letters encouraging him to return to India and lead the Muslims. That was why in his condolence statement on his death, Muhammad Ali Jinnah confessed that Iqbal was also a leader for him. There were also friends and philosophers who did not move for a moment and remained as rock. In India, Allama Iqbal is regarded as a poet, writer, thinker, philosopher and a Muslim awakening personality. On the occasion of his birth, in India also held a day called Iqbal or Iqbal Day Goes In view of the importance of the occasion, members of the Pakistan Trust organized the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Tehreek-e-Azam in connection with the celebration of Iqbal's celebrations in schools, colleges and universities. Muhammad Iqbal and Shaheen, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Qalam ”and similar articles are also organized by many other organizations, schools, colleges and universities in other parts of the country. On that day Iqbal is remembered and his services paid tribute. This day is now called Urdu Day. Beninumber where Iqbal's program of poetry and his thought-provoking programs is also a religion of accountability for Urdu attitudes regarding Urdu and claiming their love for Urdu. On this day, where we talk about Iqbal as well as Urdu, we know this and that

Allama iqbal day speech in english | speech on allama iqbal day in urdu
Allama iqbal day speech in english | speech on allama iqbal day in urduAllama Muhammad Iqbal Birth and Early Life

Allama Muhammad Iqbal (November 9, 1877 to April 21, 1938) was a prominent twentieth century poet, writer, lawyer, politician, Muslim Sufi and one of the most important figures of Tehreek-e-Pakistan. Urdu and Persian used to be poetry and this is their main reason for fame. The main trend in poetry was towards Sufism and the Ummah of Islam. He also authored a poetry book in English called "The Reconstruction of Religious Thought on Islam". Allama Iqbal is considered a modern Sufi. His most notable achievement as a politician is the formation of the ideological Pakistan, which he presented while presiding over a meeting of the Muslim League in Allahabad in 1930. This view later became the basis for the establishment of Pakistan. That is why Allama Iqbal is considered the ideological father of Pakistan. Although he did not see the establishment of this new country with his own eyes, he has the status of a national poet of Pakistan.

In his condolence statement on Allama Iqbal's death, Quaid-e-Azam said, “I was saddened to hear of the death of Sir Muhammad Iqbal. He was one of the most respected poets of world fame. His fame and his work will live on forever. He has done so much service to the country and Muslims that his record can be compared to the record of the greatest Indian. Until recently he was president of the Punjab Provincial Muslim League, while unexpected illness forced him to resign. He was a supporter of the All India Muslim League's policy and program. For me he was also a leader, friend and philosopher. One of the darkest traits that the Muslim League has to go through. He remained like a rock and did not hesitate even for a moment, and the result was that only three days ago he would have heard of the perfect unity which had become among the Muslim leaders of Punjab in Calcutta and I am proud today. I can say with arguments that MuslimsThere was an incident. My sincere and deepest condolences to his family in this regard. During this critical time, India and especially Muslims have suffered a great loss.

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In the life of Allama Iqbal, "Iqbal" was celebrated all over India. On January 9, 1938, it was announced in Lahore by the Intercollegiate Muslim Brother Hood. On December 5, 1937, the Prime Minister of Punjab, Sir Alexander, said in his message, “Every Indian should be especially and truly happy with every heart, especially when celebrating Yom Iqbal as a sacred national event. I sincerely wish that the festivities of this memorable festival, named after the renowned philosopher and great poet of Asia, should not be confined to India alone, but all the Eastern countries are involved in it. Celebrate which on one hand shows the greatness of Iqbal on the world and the true value of his poetry, and on the other hand it is clear that Asia has the full potential to appreciate the literary achievements of his son Jalil. After a long night of dreams If we see signs of awareness among Muslims today, all this is the effect of Iqbal's passionate voice. On the other hand, the enthusiasm and the awareness that is being created among the people of India is also a shameful favor of the subject of this great greatness, so it is the duty of every Indian to consider it as a sacred duty. Pray for Iqbal's health and long life in all the mosques and temples. May God protect them long enough so that they can serve their people and their country.

iqbal day speech
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فطرت کو خرد کے روبرو کر"
تسخیر مقام رنگ و بو کر
تو اپنی خودی کو کھو چکا ہے
ھوئی ہوئی شے کی جستجو کر
تاروں کی فضا ہے بیکرا

عریاں ہیں ترے چمن کی حوریں چاک گل و لالہ کو رفوگر بے ذوق نہیں اگر چہ فطرت جو اس سے نہ ہو سکا وہ تو کر علامہ اقبال انوکھی وضع ہے سارے زمانے سے نرالے ہیں یہ عاشق کون سی بستی کے یارب رہنے والے ہیں علاج درد میں بھی درد کی لذت پہ مرتا ہوں جو تھے چھالوں میں کانٹے نوک سوزن سے نکالے ہیں چھلا پھولا رہے یا رب چمن میری امیدوں کا جگر کا خون دے دے کر یہ بوئے میں نے پالے ہیں رلاتی ہے مجھے راتوں کو خاموشی ستاروں کی نرالا عشق ہے میرا نرالے میرے نالے ہیں نہ پوچھو مجھ سے لذت خانماں بر باد رہنے کی نشین سیکڑ وں میں نے بنا کر پھونک ڈالے ہیں نہیں بیگانگی اچھی رفیق راه منزل سے شہر جا اے شرر ہم بھی تو آخر مٹنے والے ہیں امید نور نے سب کچھ سکھا رکھا ہے واعظ کو یہ حضرت دیکھنے میں سیدھے سادھے بھولے بھالے ہیں مرے اشعار اے اقبال کیوں پیارے نہ ہوں مجھ کو مرے ٹوٹے ہوئے دل کے یہ دردانگیز نالے ہیں میں محوں کو وقت کی پکار دیتا ہوں اسی گن میں کئی شامیں گزار دیتا ہوں میں یونہی ہر ایک سے بے رايط نہیں ملتا ہر شخص کو اس کا معیار دیتا ہوں میں غم کی کشتی کو ڈبونا نہیں چاہتا بوجھ بڑھ جائے تو کچھ اتار دیتا ہوں خوشیاں کوئی مانگے تو مفت میں دیتا ہوں غم مانگے کوئی تو ادھار دیتا ہوں بدلہ لینا میری فطرت میں نہیں ہے محسن کوئی مرزائیں دے تو بدلے میں بہار دیتا ہوں محسن نقوی)

iqbal day speech
iqbal day speech

iqbal day speech in urdu

speech on allama iqbal in urdu pdf
speech on allama iqbal in urdu pdf

allama iqbal
allama iqbal



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