Five emergency methods to unlock your Android smartphone if you forget your password or pattern.

any unlocked cell phone
any unlocked cell phone

In this article we are share with you five best methods to unlock your phone password code or pattern .


 how to unlock Android if you forget your password or pattern. Most likely, one of them will help you. The methods are described for smartphones, but for tablets everything is done in the same way.

    1. Use a Google Account | how to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten without factory reset

    This method is suitable to unlock an old smartphone released until 2014 inclusive. If so, you most likely have an Android version below 5.0. In this case, you can bypass the protection using your Google account. Another condition is that the phone must be able to connect to the Internet (for example, it automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi point.Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

    On the password or pattern key screen, enter any combination of characters / gestures five times.
    After the fifth attempt to enter the wrong password, the message “Forgot your password?” Or something similar should appear on the smartphone screen.Unlock Android via Google Account

    If you don’t remember the password for your Google account, go from another device (for example, from a computer) to the Google account recovery page .

    Try to recover your account password using one of the five suggested methods (except telephone). If you succeed, enter the username and new password on the smartphone.
    Android will be unlocked. After that, you can set a new password to lock the Android screen or choose a different screen protection method.
    If you have a newer device, read on.

     2. Use Smart Lock | how to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten

    This method, on the contrary, is suitable if you have a new smartphone - from 2015 and newer. In this case, most likely you have Android 5.0 and older. Starting with this version in Android, the Smart Lock function is available, with which you can try to unlock Android if you forget the password.

    Smart Lock allows you to unlock your phone in three different ways:

    Reliable devices - unlocking without entering a password occurs if a familiar device is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.Safe places - unlocking without entering a password occurs if you are within a given area - for example, at home
    Face recognition - unlocking without entering a password occurs if Android determines that it is you who are holding it in your hands.Unlock Android with Smart Lock

    Remember, did you set up Smart Lock when you set a password or pattern on your phone? Which unlock method did you choose?

    If you have chosen a reliable device and Bluetooth is turned on on your phone, find the device, turn on Bluetooth on it and try to connect it to your smartphone.
    If you’ve chosen a safe place and GPS is turned on on your phone, go to the designated place. Android will unlock as soon as it detects via GPS that your location is the same as your location.
    If you choose face recognition, the smartphone will unlock if it sees your face with the camera and compares it with what is stored in its memory.
    If you did not configure Smart Lock to unlock Android, if you forgot your password, read on.

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    3.Use the smartphone search service

    If you have a Samsung smartphone, then for you there is a Find My Mobile website that allows you to find your device and remotely control it, including unlocking it. Perhaps you set up a Samsung account, and then you can unlock Android, if you forgot your password, from your computer.

    • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
    • Go to .
    • Log in to your account.
    • Select your locked phone.
    • In the upper right corner, select Unblock .
    • Unlock via Samsung account
    • Unlock via Samsung account
    • If you have a smartphone from another company, or you did not set up a Samsung account, read on.

    4.Use Aroma File Manager

    This method is suitable if your phone has an SD memory card and supports Recovery Mode. In order to unlock Android in this way, download the Aroma file manager to your computer using one of the links below:

    After that, you must enter recovery mode on your phone. This is done individually for each smartphone, and in order to find out how to do this on your smartphone, enter in the search “ smartphone_model recovery mode ” and find out how to do it.

    After that:

    Connect your Android smartphone via USB to your computer.
    In most cases, the SD card should be detected as a USB drive. Open it in Windows Explorer or any file manager and copy the archive with Aroma File Manager to the root of the map.
    If the card is not detected, you can use a frame reader. Now many SD cards are sold with it. In addition, you can ask for a small fee to reset the file to your card in most mobile phone stores.
    When the archive appears on the map, enter recovery mode on your smartphone.
    Select Install update from zip file → Choose zip from / sdcard  and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager. The program will install and start right in recovery mode.How to unlock Android if you forget your password?
    Go to the program settings and set the item Automount all devices on start .
    Exit recovery mode and enter it again. Repeat step 5.
    Now, using the program, go to the folder: Data Folder  → System Folder and find the gesture.key or password.key file in it .Aroma file manager

    Delete the found file and reboot the device. The smartphone will be unlocked.
    If all this seems too complicated, read on.

    5.Make a hard reset.

    If you do not really care about the safety of data on your smartphone, you can simply perform a reset to the factory settings. This is done differently for each phone model, so for the sake of accuracy, in the search, enter “ smartphone_model hard reset ” and specify how to do it.

    • Turn off the smartphone and remove the memory card from it.
    • Try alternately holding and holding the following buttons for about 10-15 seconds:
    • volume down button + power button;
    • volume up button + power button;
    • volume down button + power button + Home button;
    • volume down button + volume up button + power button.
    • If one of the combinations is suitable, the service menu will appear on the screen. In it, using the volume buttons as the up and down buttons, select Recovery , and then the Wipe data / factory reset command .

    Hard reset
    Confirm the reset.
    Within a few minutes, the phone will be fully returned to the state in which you bought it. All your data and installed applications will be destroyed! However, this way you will definitely unlock Android if you forget the password.

    When you turn on the phone will ask for a username and password from your Google account. Enter them. If you have a relatively new smartphone, then most likely it imperceptibly synchronized with your Google and Google Play account from you. So remote applications can be returned back.

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