Jazz 4G Device Packages 2020 

jazz 4g device packages unlimited
jazz 4g device packages unlimited

jazz device packages Today i am going to give you jazz 4g device packages unlimited Jazz introduced Wingle Wifi/Mifi 4G/ 3G devices in this article complete share all jazz device bundles Jazz the leading telecom company in pakistan .so read full article.

Jazz Provide Us Three Type Devices 

  • Jazz Super 4G Wifi Device
  • Jazz 4G Wingle Device
  • Jazz Home Wifi Device

jazz 4g device price in pakistan 2020

  • Jazz Super wifi device Price ₨ 3500
  • Jazz 4G Wingle Device Price Rs2500

Jazz 4G Device Internet offers 2020

Jazz 4G device Free internet Trick code:

In this offer you can enjoy 50GB internet data without any charges just follow simple steps:

  • Jazz Mbb Loyalty Offer Get Free 50Gb internet data on your jazz data sim internet usable 1am to 9.00am
  • offer Validity: 90 Days
  • How to subscribe free GB:Dial *117*70#
  • Status Check code:*117*8*2#

Jazz 4G free internet Tricks
   Jazz MBB Loyalty
offer Free internet on jazz
  Free 50GB 
1am to 9.am
  90Days  Telenor

Terms & Conditions – MBB Loyalty Offer:

  • Customer can avail this offer multiple times during 90days, incentive would be added and latest validity would be applicable
  • Only Eligible Customers will be notified to subscribe the offer on both MBB and OCN number
  • As soon as customer become part of churn pool base, a trigger notification SMS will be sent to the customer
  • Reactivation offer details will be shared again on 90Day + 30th, 60th and 80th day for customer convenience
  • Usage & Subscription Notifications:
  • Customer can subscribe welcome back offer by dialing *117*70# from Jazz WiFi Device App or 192.1681.1.1 portal (USSD section)
  • Offer availing customer can check usage by dialing *6363# and going to option 4. 6363 Menu is accessible from Device & Jazz Prepaid SIM.
  • Offer usage threshold notifications will be sent to MBB nos. and OCN (all OMOs).
  • Eligible Customers:         
  • All dormant customers can subscribe to this offer if they have not used Dongle sim from last 3 months or more
  • Customer can check eligibility by dialing *6363# and going to option 4; welcome back offer subscription details will be displayed only to eligible customers
  • This offer is only available for MBB SIM (SC62) customers, and not valid for Data Sim (SC18) customers
  • Welcome Back Offer is a once-off, and will not recur automatically. Subscription from customer would be required to avail this offer again.
  • Bundle benefits will add on multiple subscriptions and are valid for 30days only
  • Data allowance can be used on both 2G/3G/4G network subject to handset and network coverage

Jazz 4G Device Internet Packages:jazz 4device packages

Jazz provide monthly base different different Monthly Packages we are share complete details with you.
  • Jazz device Basic bundle In this Offer you can enjoy 25GB internet Data with in just Rs.999 
  • Offer Validity: 30Days 
  • Basic: 25GB (24hr) + 12.5GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 999.
  • How To Active this offer on jazz device Just Dial *117*71#
  • How to unsubscribe this offer Dial *117*71*4#
  • Status Check code:*117*71*2#

Jazz Wifi Device Bundles 
        Jazz Monthly Basic
      Rs. 999 (RechargeBalance)          25 GB/(12GB usable 1am to 9pm)       30Days     *117*71# /Status code *117*71*2#   *117*71*4#

Jazz 4G Device Regular Internet Package:

  • Jazz basic bundle in this bundle you can use 60Gb internet data just in Rs 1500 rupes.
  • Bundle validity:30Days
  • Regular: 30GB (24hr) + 30GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 1500.
  • How subscribe this bundle: dial *117*73#
  • How to unsub this bundle dial *117*73*4#
  • Check Status code *117*73*2#

        Jazz Monthly Regular
         25 GB/(12GB usable 1am to 9pm)      30Days    *117*71# /Status code *117*71*2#   *117*71*4#

Jazz 4g Device Mega Internet Packages:

  • Jazz monthly Mega internet bundle in this bundle you can enjoy 100GB internet data with in just Rs 2000.
  • Offer Validity:30Days 
  • Mega: 50GB (24hr) + 50GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 2000.
  • How subscribe this package:dial*117*36# Status
  • How to Unsub this package:dial *117*36*4#
  • Status Check code *117*36*2#Jazz 

        Jazz device Monthly Mega 
         100GB/(50GB usable 1am to 9pm)      30Days    *117*36# Status code *117*36*2#   *117*36*4#

Jazz 4g Device monthly Heavy internet package :

  • Jazz device monthly Heavy internet bundle in this bundle you can enjoy 150GB internet data just in Rs 2500 Rupess.
  • Bundle validity:30Days
  • Heavy: 75GB (24hr) + 75GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 2500.
  • How subscribe this bundle:dial *117*74#
  • How to unsubscribe this bundle: dial *117*74*4#
  • Status check code *117*74*2#
        Jazz device Monthly Heavy
         150GB/(75GB usable 1am to 9pm)      30Days    *117*74# Status code *117*74*2#   *117*74*4#

Jazz 4G Device 3 Months internet Package:

        Jazz device three Months
       36Gb      90Days    *117*15# Status code *117*17*2#   *117*15*4#

Jazz 4G Device 6 Months Bundle Package:

        Jazz device six Months
       75Gb      180Days    *117*16# Status code *117*18*2#   *117*16*4#

Terms & Conditions :

  • All bundles are once off & will not auto subscribe
  • These bundles are also available on MBB SIM & Data SIM only
  • Internet offers can be subscribed and consumed in 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • To Recharge and Bundle subscription, customer can visit nearest Jazz Retailer or use other options available to recharge any Jazz prepaid number
  • To Recharge, bundle subscription and check usage, dial *6363# from MBB Other Contact Number
  • To Recharge, bundle subscription and check usage, go to http://jazz.wifi/ via device WiFi and dial *6363#
  • Monthly bundles have dedicated MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) & remaining MB are useable 24hr
  • Basic: 12.5GB (24hr) + 12.5GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 999
  • Regular: 30GB (24hr) + 30GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 1500
  • Heavy: 75GB (24hr) + 75GB (useable 1am-9am) @ Rs. 2500
  • Validity & Usage Priority:
  • Validity of dedicated MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) & all day usage (24hr) will be 30days
  • Dedicated MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) will have higher usage priority
  • Once night quota is consumed, usage will be done from quota available for 24hrs
  • Customer will continue to get subscription, usage notification SMS on their MBB and Other Contact Number
  • Threshold usage and expiry notifications will be triggered as per all day usage (24hr) quota
  • Updated SMS will contain details of MB quota for night usage (1am-9am) and all day usage (24hr)
  • Double Data GBs are valid for all new subscriptions by any new & existing customer; existing subscriptions will be valid as per old quota & validities
  • PAYG & Overage charging is not allowed on MBB SIM & Data SIM, customers need to subscribe bundles for uninterrupted internet connectivity
  • On re-subscription of the already subscribed bundle within bundle validity, any remaining MBs will be added & validity will be as per the new bundle.
  • Multiple subscriptions of 3 month & 6 month bundle are not allowed, users can simultaneously subscribe to any other bundle
  • In case of 3 & 6 Months bundle, volume quota will not be carried forward from one 30day cycle to another, i.e. any remaining MBs will expire after every cycle
  • Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors like device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from site etc.
  • All above mentioned bundle prices are inclusive of fees and taxes

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