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how to use google lens app
how to use google lens app

Today we are talking about google lens app what is google lens? Keeps searching for and today we will learn about a similar search of google and new product google lens, what is google lens (what is google lens) and how can we use google  We all go out for a walk and sometimes we see such things, about which we do not know much or nothing at all, so if something happens in your mobile in which we can know about it by just clicking a photo. So how good would it be, if we know about such technology today, then now all android / ios are available in mobile but many people do not know about this technology and that technology A name is Google lens. It is a technique through which you can scan any photo or you can learn about any popular place, flower, plants, and many things by just clicking a photo. There are many more features image in Google lens, we will know about them all in this post today.

Google Lens: What is it and how does it work?

google Lens is a new invention, product from Google, and a lens from Ai (Artificial Intelligent) which is made with the technology of image analysis. Google Lens comes with many new technologies and features, Google Lens was first introduced by Google in Google's devloper event Google io 2017 and when it launched Was done then you could only use it in google pixel device but now in present time you can use it in all android devices

What can Google lens do?  

Features of Google lens are something that google has tried to personify through the following points in which areas and rights of google lens function or what google lens can do - what google has done for them Expressed through Search What you see Google says what you see with the help of google lens, now you can search it on google, many times we see such things and we do not know much about its name, or how we search it. If this time, google lens can help you  Example - Just like you see a flower, dogs, plants and how many species are there, you can scan them with google lens and know their name and information related to them by just clicking a photo as shown below. , Can see through the image 

google lens camera app
google lens camera app

Google Photos

Google lens Scan and translate text  How many languages ​​can not be learned by every human being, and there are many languages ​​in the world which you cannot even see by looking at which languages ​​it is and with the help of google lens you can scan them and convert them into your language.  As you can see by looking at the image below, how can these features of the lens help you?  Google lens Find a look you like  Through Google lens, you will also tell the information related to any products sold online, and the information related to which online ecommerce site is being sold. 

google lens app
google lens app

Google lens See what's popular on menus Under this feature of google lens, you will scan the menu card of the restaurant, then google lens will tell you by highlighting the famous spots of that restaurant from that menu and you can click on the name of that dish and tell about it. Is like what she looks like and what is the recipe to make it  Google lens Explore nearby places  Through this feature of Google lens, you can scan information about that famous place by just google lens and google lens will help you explore the famous place of that place.  How to use google lens  Now we will know how you can use google lens and you can use google lens in three ways and this is the following three ways.  1. Use through google photos  If you want to scan any photo through google lens through search or lens in google then the application of google photo should be installed in your mobile, after that the image you have to search in search, then you need to scan that photo Up-load in google photo and then open it through google photo, then you will see the sign of google lens in the bottom of the image, you have to click on it and in this way you use google lens through google photos Can do  Use Google Lens via Google photos

Google lens Camera App

2. use through google assistant You can also use Google lens through google assistant, for this you have to open your google assist and in google assistant you will see an icon of google lens and simply you have to click on it and the camera of google lens will be open, now you have to scan your object, in this way you can use google lens through google assistant  Use Google Lens through Google assistant 3. use through google assistant app  You can use google assistant even after installing google lens from playstore, for this android version of your mobile should be latest android queue  Conclusion I hope you have liked the information we have told you today.

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