Redmi Band is Now Official launched in Cheapest Affordable Price
Redmi Band is Now Official launched in Cheapest Affordable Price

Redmi today launched its Redmi Band bracelet in China. It will cost only$13 or  99 yuan (13 euros) and will go on sale on April 9 in that country. The Redmi bracelet has a 1.08-inch rectangular color screen and comes with 5 sport modes and an optical heart rate sensor. Supports direct USB charging similar to that seen on Honor and Realme wristbands.

Features of the new Redmi Band:

It was advanced a while ago by Xiaomi, which launched its Redmi brand independently to differentiate its products from those of its own brand, something that means that Xiaomi products will gradually become Premium, and that the products of Redmi, in terms of price and benefits, will occupy the position of Xiaomi. And that is what we see now with this new bracelet, the Redmi Band, which becomes the cheapest of the Chinese firm without a doubt. This comes with very interesting features.

The design of this bracelet is all in one, so the screen is attached to the straps, and therefore can not be removed as in the Mi Band. The screen is 1.08 inches in size and is in full color. We can access different spheres, up to 70 , to be able to change the appearance of the data shown in it, from the time to our physical data. The battery offers a good autonomy, although somewhat lower than the Mi Band or the Amazfit Bip that are around the month, in this case it stays in 14 days, which is still very good.

It has a heart rate sensor , as well as a sleep tracking tool . Of course you can measure our exercise in different activities, notify us of our sedentary lifestyle by encouraging us to move, and we can also see phone notifications on your screen. This model does not have NFC connectivity either, as in the case of the Mi Band that is sold in Pakistan. In terms of finishes and design we can see a certain similarity with the Huawei and Honor Band, with a more angular and straight design than the Mi Band 4, and which in general has a more attractive appearance even than the Xiaomi bracelet.

Xiaomi  Redmi Band Price:

Redmi Band is Now Official launched in Cheapest Affordable Price
Redmi Band is Now Official launched in Cheapest Affordable Price

And all this also for a very, very low price. Because in China this Redmi Band reaches the market for only $13 in exchange 2164 rupess, which is something wild for a bracelet so well equipped and with good finishes, which are also available in a multitude of colors. Logically that will not be its price in Pakistan, but it will certainly be quite tight. We could expect a price around 2164 rupess, which would be much less for example than the 14$ or 15$  on average that a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 costs in Pakistan.



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