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Today we are share with you zong super card - monthly offer zong no 1 telecom network in pakistan  zong provide you best rate in want to known about zong monthly super card offer read full article.

Zong Super Card 

in this offer you can enjoy free Youtube,Whatsapp and Zong to Zong Minutes 2,500 Other Operator Minutes 150 SMS 2,500 Mobile Internet with in Rs 650 

  • How to Subscribe this offer: Dial *6464# and type 4 
  • note: to facilitate customers all in one bundle are auto renewable.
  • Offer details: free Youtube,free Whatsapp and Zong to Zong Minutes 2,500 Other Operator Minutes 150 SMS 2,500 Mobile Internet 
  • Offer Validity:30Days
  • Offer Charges:Rs.650
How to Unsubscribe this offer

  • How To unsubscribe any of the above bundle, simply dial * 6464#, reply with 4 for All-in-One Bundles, reply with the desired bundle to un-subscribe and reply with 3 to un-subscribe
  • You Have receive an SMS for confirmation of un-subscription
  • Also, you can send SMS to 6464 using the following commands
  Zong Super  Card  Rs.650         zongtozong2500 mins+150 other network mins+free youtube&whatsapp+2500 internet MonthlyDial *50# or  * 6464#, reply with 46464


  • YouTube is used for YouTube and Tapmad TV services
  • YouTube resources aren't a part of change resources
  • WhatsApp knowledge limit is 2GB


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