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Telenor advance code - Telenor advance balance code
Telenor advance code - Telenor advance balance code

in this article we are going to tell you telenor advance balance code telenor best network in pakistan you want telenor advance balance in this article share all details how to get telenor advance balance so read out full article then this article is very helpful for you.

Telenor advance code

With Telenor Advance Balance Load, you can now get a loan of Rs.20.00 Rupess. This Advance loan balance amount can be used for all prepaid services excluding Balance Transfer. The service is available for all Telenor and djuice users and the service fee is paid upon loan return (your next successful recharge).

  • How to Get Telenor Loan ;Dial *0#
  • You can Get instant Rs 20 advance balance!
  • Telenor Loan can be used for any voice call, SMS or Digital internet  Service 
  • Available for Telenor Prepaid customers

Package name Telenor Advance Loan (Prepaid)Offer Charges:Rs 5.3 *Charges are inclusive of taxesGet Telenor Advance Balance Dial *0#


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