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Today we are going to share with you ptcl router setting if you want setting your ptcl device then you read full article in this article PTCL login settings for PTCL DSL and Wireless Router complete details share with you.

PTCL DSL / Wifi Router Settings:

  • Firstly Open your Browser Like chrome,firefox
  • After you Enter this IP Address or
  • After will ask you for username & password
  • Now you Enter Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin
  • In case doesn’t work not login then you check your wifi router back side mentioned Users name and password.

  • After Show all Ptcl Settings 

  • The Wifi Router will reboot after finishing with the Settings process. The users connected over Wifi may face disconnection for a few seconds / minutes. 

How to Change Ptcl Router Settings Details?

  • Enter  this IP Address or

  • After Enter your User name and Password.

  • Now Open your Router All Settings.


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