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kwsb duplicate bill - How to check online kwsb duplicate bill
kwsb duplicate bill - How to check online kwsb duplicate bill 

kwsb duplicate bill 
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB Duplicate Bill 2021 Online with Consumer Reference Number procedure is given to this offical website.If you Want Check your kwsb duplicate bill online check in this article we are share complete details how to check onile kwsb duplicate bill?

More than two centuries from a little fishing town blessed with a fine regular harbor, Karachi has today developed to a clamoring city of more than 12 million occupants. Karachi is as yet the nation's biggest city offering significant business openings which thusly pull in a proceeding with deluge of laborers and their families from all over Pakistan. The City's ports fill in as the central passage for Pakistan's outer exchange and assume a significant job in the East/West transportation exchange connect. The atmosphere is commonly moderate however in times of high moistness (which normal 75%) temperature can arrive at 110 F degrees in May and June while in January may drop to 40 F degrees. The city lies in the storm belt and by and large got its primary precipitation in July and August, with a yearly mean of around 291 millimeters. duplicate bill kwsb

Karachi was the capital of Pakistan uptil 1959 when the seat of Government was moved to Islamabad. Since that time the populace has duplicated and keeps on developing at about 5% per annum, to some degree higher than the 4.5% national urban normal. The city remains the capital of Sindh Province and houses about 29% of the whole common populace in one million abodes covering a metropolitan territory of more than 3600 sq. km. 

How to Check KWSB Duplicate Bill 2020 Online Consumer Reference Number?

kwsb duplicate bill Check online very easy method just follow steps:

  • Fisrtly Open any internet browser, 
  • And Search KWSB website or Click link and directly Visit
  • Now Check Bill Note consumer Number 
  • Consumer number will be mentioned on your old months bills
  • Now Enter your  consumer Number into the box and click on submit button.
  • After Show your bill and Click on Print this Bill

KWSB has also introduced the Mobile phone application under name KWSB Online you can download  and check bill and Ruqest for tanker.

KWSB Duplicate Bill Check online with screen shot 

  • Now you Enter your consumer Number And click on submit button after show your bill.


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