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Asslam-o-Alaikum Guys! In today's post If you want deleete your facebook account/id we will guide you how you can delete your facebook account permanently.

In this tutorial is especially for those who are new to facebook and don’t know how to delete a facebook account. Visit site for more facebook trick & tips website HindiUrduInfo for more new tips and tricks about blogging, seo, and web development in hindi.

  • Now here the question is why you wanna to delete your facebook account?.
  • Well there are several reasons for this but these are the main.
  • You wanna to create a new facebook account.
  • You wanna to leave facebook and delete your facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Guide Step by Step?

  • First of All open on any internet browser or facebook app and login, after that click on the down arrow in upper right side.

  • After that You click on settings option from the dropdown list.

  • From this tab you need to click on the Your Facebook Information from the left sidebar show option.

  • After that click on the deactivation and deletion option.
  • Now select Permanently Delete Facebook account option. 
  • After selecting permanently option then click on continue to account deletion.
  • Now click on account delete option from here.
  • Here you need to enter your password and click on continue.
  • Now again in the confirmation box click on delete account.

  • Huree! You have successfully Remove your facebook account.


  • Now you should not try to login to that facebook account within a month. Because if you will login into that account again within a month then your account deletion process will be not completed.
  • If you wanna to permanently delete facebook account then don’t try to login into that account for about a month.
  • If you wanna to delete facebook account on mobile then again method is the same, but you just have to find some options in mobile phone.
  • After finding that you can successfully delete you facebook account in mobile and desktop both.


I hope my friends that you have learnt how you can delete your facebook account with some simple and easy steps. This tutorial is especially for newbies and i hope you have learnt something new from our post.


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