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 How To Handle (Tackle) a Wife (Spouse) - How to handle a wife in Hindi Urdu

how to handle a wife

You have to understand the art of treating/handling your wife (Spouse) If you desire to have a delighted wedded life. A husband should know how to handle/treat a wife no matters if they are recently wedded couple or get married for years. Time and experience will help you to discover this art. Handling a wife is a self-learning method. The questions such as What sort of personality she has? What does she adore? If you need cheerfulness, harmony and affection you must figure out the solution to these above mentioned to handle a wife?

Handling a wife is a tricky job to do but here are some tips which are helpful for you in your married life.

How To Pact with a Challenging Wives -how to control wife

Here are some tips if you are dealing with the wife that argues a lot:
  • Always be Cool, If she is annoyed at you then don’t respond with anger (irritation)
  • If she is contending with you then pay attention to your wife (Spouse)
  • Always think prior to speaking. Think prior to expressing your thinking in words, deprived of thinking will start conflicts between you and your spouse. 
  • It is better to prevent arguments in conjugal life.
  • Above mentioned points helps you to deal with a tough lady. Dealing with a tough wife can be learnt with time and experience.

To Live Happily With Your Wife

Women want your interest and nice greetings instead of expensive gifts. So, follow these points to live happily:

  • Don’t disagree with your wife and pay attention. Tiny things matter to females so you should heed to your wife cautiously
  • Get your wife for shopping
  • Get her out for dinner, parties
  • Don’t ignore your wife date of birth and marriage anniversary
  • Surprise her by giving gifts 
  • Make a Call when you are on job
  • Don’t evaluate her with another lady, they might get jealous 
  • Admiring her prettiness is the brainiest thing to do as females would love these sorts of greetings

Dealing with Irritating Wife

Sometimes wives infuriate so much that their companions get annoyed. To deal with such type of wife and to escape fights with your wife follows these steps/tricks:

Try to stay cool and find out the explanation following your wife nagging. There are many justifications behind this such as: 
  • Stresses in daily life
  • Hormonal problem 
  • Income crisis 
These issues can affect your wife to respond irritably to each condition. All irritation will be pointed in the direction of you. You will feel annoyed by your spouse acts.  
  • Always use a friendly tone with your irritating wife
  • Simplify your emotions and have a nice discussion with your spouse
  • Get a familiar ground to avoid disagrees   

Handling a marriage peacefully

Marriage (wedding) is about negotiation. Occasionally you need to negotiate and sometimes your partner wants to compromise. Wedding is a dual way highway, man and woman together have to work for enjoyment and harmony in their marital life. Following are some tricks for husbands who wish to manage their marriage and desire to devote marital life enthusiastically.


ü  Be Grateful to your lady

ü  Keep your woman joyful

ü  Permit your Wife organize things according to her method

ü  Generate memories with your lady

ü  Recognize your Wife’s Personality (Character, nature, behavior) 

ü  Express her how abundantly you love her and how gorgeous she is

ü  Provide your Wife few Space (lease your wife go out with her friends/cousins/family)

ü  Do possessions which your spouse like

ü  If your spouse like travelling then travel to the places which she loves

ü  Study how to handle a partner & be supportive (Don’t try to insult/abuse her)

ü  Organize somewhat special for a special event

Follow these above mentioned tricks/tips if you need cheerfulness in your wedded life. These minor things matter if you desire happiness. The furthermost vital thing a husband should not neglect is the marriage anniversary. These are few important tips/tricks for the husbands if they wish to handle their wife (Spouse).

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