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In this article we will show you Zong load return code or zong retailer load reversal code When You Balance  Load from Zong retailer or other bank app and you send mistakely worng person worng need to worry about get back your balance we are full details how to return your load just read complete article.

How to Return Zong Load? - zong retailer load reversal code

You have mistakenly sent easy load to a wrong other number and now you want back your load balance.just follow easy steps:

  • Open Your Phone Messages Write New Message 
  • Now You ask your done code from your Zong retailer/shop keeper You enter Done Code 11digits and enter your retailer pin code and send it to 212 or 33567
  • After Few Minute Return your Balance.

 Zong load reversal in Details

Firstly You Ask Retailer your 11 digits Done Code and load pin code now you open your Mobile Messages and wirte new message.

Now you Type your Done Code and Retailer Load Pin Code Send it to 33567

After Return your load.

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