32 A Challan Form

32A Challan Form Download How to Fill 32a Challan From?

Today In this Article we are going to tell you How to Download 32a challan form All formats? If you want Download or Print this Form then you Read Complete Article.

What is 32A Challan?

Challan 32A is often used for various purposes such as admission fees, bank transfers, and insurance and filing these fees to county court and hearings and filing these fees to government officials for individual and local purposes. So here we download the legal challan 32A form and fill it out online.32a challan form in excel

First of all you should know about 32 A challan form. If you want to deposit government fee then you use 32 A challan form. If someone sale old newspaper of government or any other goods then he use this challan for depositing government fee. 32 A challan form consist of two pages. One for bank and other for customer. Amount of government is deposited in national bank of Pakistan or  State Bank of Pakistan. Amount is transferred in favor of government of Pakistan. 

Therefore, tax money is collected from the public. The top management uses different parties to benefit the whole party. In this way, the existing authority was strengthened and work gradually began in the provinces. Now everyone knows that the real purpose of Shalan is necessary for the development of the country.

32 A Method of filling form.

It is very easy to fill 32 A challan form. 

  • Step 1:Name of person who is depositing money in favor of government of Pakistan. Please write name clearly.
  • Step 2:Write address of office where person is working. Always mention address clearly. 
  • Step 3:In this column mention about payment. Nature of payment. Why person is depositing money in bank.
  • Step 4:Write amount clearly in amount column.
  • Step 5:If someone who is depositing government fee and he is government employee. Then always mention his name clearly.
  • At the end attach signature of person who is depositing money in favor of government.

Download 32A Challan Form All formats

Challan form no 32 a word format

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