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Passport office Rawalpindi - Timing Location Details

In this informative article I will discuss about passport offices in Rawalpindi. I will also discuss about documents required for passport and timing of passport office. And we will also discuss about processing fee of passport.

Now a days passport service is accessible to everyone at nearest place. Pakistani citizens can renew their passport easily by visiting nearest passport office. You can also apply for new passport by visiting nearest passport office. I will discuss about passport office in Rawalpindi. Because many people are unable to locate passport offices. 

Passport offices in Rawalpindi:

There are two passport offices in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In next paragraph I will discuss about complete details of passport office including address and contact number of passport offices of Rawalpindi.

Passport office in Rawalpindi (Regional Passport office):

I have mentioned address and contact number of regional passport office in next paragraph. Passport office rawalpindi location.

  • Address: (Regional Passport Office, Opposite Station, High School No.3, Gunjmandi More, Railway Workshop Road, near Bakery Chowk).
  • Contact number:051-9237253
Name Addresss
passport office rawalpindi
  • Address: (Regional Passport Office, Opposite Station, High School No.3, Gunjmandi More, Railway Workshop Road, near Bakery Chowk).
Contact number:051-9237253

(Executive Passport office):

I have also mentioned address and contact number of executive passport office. 

passport office rawalpindi
Address:Executive Passport office Rehman Abad Muree Road Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi passport office timings

Passport office in Rawalpindi remain closed during Saturday and Sunday. Passport office remain also closed during public holidays. Friday is observed half day. Passport office remain open during other days. I have mentioned timings of passport office. If you want to visit this office always visit passport office during mentioned timings. 

  • Timing from Monday to Thursday is 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Timing of Friday is 8:00 AM to 12:30 AM.

Useful Trick for Public: 

There is less crowd on Friday in passport office. If you want to visit passport office then visit passport office on Friday for inconvenience.

Sometimes passport office remain open for 24 hours according to order of Directorate General Immigration and passport. During special days passport office remain open for 24 hours. Before visiting passport office always visit nearest passport office and confirm the timings of passport office. You may also contact with passport office by using contact numbers mentioned in above paragraph.

Guidelines ( applying for new passport):

If you want to travel abroad then you need Passport for this purpose. You also need to fulfills the other formalities. 

There are certain conditions for citizens of Pakistan. But conditions for government employees are different. If you are living in Rawalpindi then you should know about address of passport office. You should also know about procedure for applying. 

If you are applying for passport first time in your life then visit regional passport office. Address of regional passport office is mentioned in above paragraph.

If you want to renew your passport then it's not compulsory for you to visit certain passport. You may visit any passport office in Pakistan. If you are residents of Rawalpindi then it's not necessary to visit passport office of Rawalpindi. You may visit passport office of Karachi or any other city of Pakistan. 

If you are serving personnel in any defense forces or employee of government of Pakistan you may visit any passport office in Pakistan according to your current location. This policy is also applicable for children and family members of particular persons.

Documents required for passport and application Procedure:

According to law of Pakistan there are three types of passport in Pakistan. 

  1. Ordinary Passport
  2. Diplomatic Passport
  3. Official Passport


If you want to apply for passport here is complete details of documents for this process.

  • For Adults ( 18 years or above):
  • If your age is above 18 years then show up these below mentioned documents.
  • CNIC ( two copies of CNIC)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) if you are government employee.
  • Receipt of fee deposit slip.
  • If you have dual nationality then show copy of foreign passport. 
  • Original CNIC.

Passport For Minors ( age less than 18 years):

If your age is less than 18 years then show up these below mentioned documents.

  • Birth certificate ( two attested photocopies)
  • CNIC of parents ( two copies)
  • Receipt of fee deposit slip.
  • Photocopy and original foreign passport ( in case of dual nationality)
  • Registration certificate issued by NADRA.

Documents required for passport renewal:

If you want to renew your old passport then you need below mentioned documents.

  • Receipt of fee deposit 
  • Passport ( old passport and it's photocopy)
  • CNIC ( original)
  • For more Details about Renewal Passport Online Check out Renewal Passport online

Application Procedure:

As you know that there are three different types of passport in Pakistan according to Law.

But application procedure is same for all types of passport.

  • Step 1:First of all pay processing fee in National Bank. Always receive receipt of process fee. 
  • Step 2:Get application form of passport from customer service counter. Fill the application form clearly. Always provide original details according to your documents. Always bring ball point along with you.
  • Step 3:After submission of application form visit other window. Because in passport office there are different windows for different purposes.

A person will capture your photograph and allot a token number to you.

Note: Please keep your token along with you. Be patience during whole procedure. Always wait on waiting area in passport office. Move up according to token number shown on screen. 

  • Step 4:After this you need to go for biometric verification at counter. Agent of passport office will acquire your data from NADRA. 
  • Step 5: After this agent will called you for cross check of data. This data include  full name of applicant, date of birth of applicant and address of applicant. 

Always check the spellings of your name and other details. If any error occurred them correct this error from counter. This will protects you from inconvenience while applying for visa. 

Students who are applying for student visa always cross check the marks sheet and spellings of personal detail according to official documents. 

  • Step 6: After this process agent of passport office will check your all data.  They will check data according to Exit Control List and black list l.
  • Step 7:If you have cleared this step then assistant director of passport office will called you for interview. 
  • Step 8: After final interview at passport office. You will received token. Tracking number and date of delivery of passport is mentioned on token.

In interview always ask general questions. So don't worry and stay calm.

Passport Collection:

After successful completion of whole procedure you will be asked for collection of passport. Whole procedure will take 15 days. Always collect passport from location that is written on token. 

  • Step 1:Visit passport office that is mentioned on token. Always visit passport office according to date and time mentioned on token. 
  • Step 2: Show token on counter. And collect passport from counter. 

If you want to receive your passport at home then you need to mention in application form. They will charge extra for this process.


In this post I discussed about whole procedure about passport. So complete your all mentioned documents and other requirements before applying for passport. Always apply with original and legal documents.

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