Price of Suzuki swift Car in Pakistan 2021 and car overview

suzuki swift price in pakistan

Suzuki swift car latest model is the most beautiful and stylish car. latest model of Suzuki swift coming in processing of three generations and it found in two variants like DLX navigation and DLX automatic navigation. First time Suzuki swift launched in 1983 and after amendments new models was introduce in 2020 with latest technology and beautiful body parts in third generation. It’s not so expensive car like other competitive vehicles.  Its price is affordable for a common man which round about 20 to 22 lacs .

suzuki swift price in pakistan

Pak Suzuki motors was the owner of Suzuki swift in Pakistan with subside of Japans automaker Suzuki.

According my view it’s so beautiful and stylish car and in affordable price me also using this car and feel very comfortable by using this. Faiz world is the best website which give accurate information about any vehicle.

In previous article we give you detail about luxury and expensive cars in price like Limousine, Ferrari, Prado, Ranger rover and many other and in this article, we give you information Suzuki Swift latest model which is most beautiful, stylish and in affordable price which complete detail and price given below.

In this article we discuss about Suzuki Swift 

History with three generations


Price in PKR and in dollars


Features- exterior and interior, color, competitors



further detail is given below

History of Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift was introduced in 1983 as a marketing and across the process of three generations. Suzuki Swift first time manufacture in japans and now it was also manufactured in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki motor company which is the subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki. Pak Suzuki motor was the owner of Cultus, Suzuki Swift and many other vehicles. Suzuki swift was across the three generations which detail is given below.

First generation- First generation Suzuki swift introduce in September 2006 in Paris motor show. First generation Suzuki get award in 2006 as a semperit lrish car in the year in Ireland and received four stars in out of five rating crash tests.

Second generation- The second generation of Suzuki swift introduce in 26 August 2010 and send in japan for sale in 18 September 2010. This new car generation has extended its wheel base more than 50 millimeters over distance then previous generation and visual updates. It was longer and more in rounded shape and its design is different from old ones.

Third generation- The third generation of Suzuki swift is most beautiful and stylish car which introduce in japan 27 December 2016 in Japan and in 2017 in India and Thailand and in 2018 in Myanmar and in Pakistan it was manufacture in 2020. In India it was also called Maruti Suzuki swift. So, the present model manufacture in 2017 was using in market. This vehicle Suzuki swift uses in all over world. 6 million units of Suzuki swift sold in 2008.


Models of Suzuki Swift

There are many variants of Suzuki swift car which have different fuel type which detail is given below.

Latest model

  • Suzuki swift DLX
  • Suzuki swift DX
  • Suzuki Swift DLX 
  • Suzuki swift sport 1.6

Petrol type

  • Lxi
  • Vxi
  • VXiAGS
  • ZXi
  • ZXiAGS
  • ZXi+

Diesel type

  • Ldi
  • Vdi
  • VdiAGS
  • Zdi+

Both fuel type

It has automatic transmission and both fuel type



Price of Suzuki swift in Pakistan 2021

The average price of Suzuki swift in Pakistan round about 20 lacs to 23 lacs (20,00,000-22,00,000) and in dollars $12400 to $13700, but the price each vehicle depends on their model and conditions. Some latest models of Suzuki Swift with their prices given below.

  • Suzuki swift DLX with navigation :2,030,000 PKR    $12,650
  • Suzuki Swift automatic with navigation: 2,210,000 PKR    $13,770


  • RS 50,000 will be charged income tax for tax filers.
  • RS 100,000 will be charged advance income tax for non-filers.

Specifications of Suzuki swift

Here we will tell you specifications of Suzuki swift with their models. In Pakistan there are two variants are available which detail is given below.

Table about Suzuki Swift price in PKR, Dollar, and specifications

MODEL Suzuki swift DLX automatic Price in PKR:21,75,000 Price in dollars:$13,553 KM: 17000 Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 4 speed
MODEL Suzuki Swift DLX 1.3L Price in PKR: 2,030,000 Price in dollars:12,650 KM:38720 Km Fuel petrol Transmission Manual Gear box 5 speed

There are 4 No of doors in Suzuki swift and 5 members sitting capacity. 

Features of Suzuki Swift

Here we will tell you Suzuki swift DLX features. These features are defined in different terms which detail is given below.

1. Exterior design
2. Interior design
3. Color
4. Competitors

Further detail of these features is given below.

1.Exterior design

All models of Suzuki swift 2020 is most beautiful and stylish. Suzuki swift exterior design is more beautiful than interior. The other exterior key-features of Suzuki swift is given below.

Sharp sleek headlights
Small rectangular grill and air intake
Circular fog lights
Standard case hatchback

All variants of Suzuki swift 2020 features much stylish in each aspect and a unique design than first generation.

2.Interior design 

Air conditioner
FM radio
Blue tooth
CD player
Stereo speaker audio system
Remote boot
Classic staring wheel
Cup holder
Black plastic trim pieces
Seats are coved with fabric front and rear
Power windows
Power lock doors

The overall interior features of Suzuki swift are much comfortable and fairly auspicious than first generation.


The Suzuki swift latest model 2020 was offered in 6 different color which are

Pearl Red
Graphite Grey
Solid White
Silky Silver
Sand Beige 
Phoenix Red.


The main competitors of Suzuki swift are wagon R, Cultus, Toyota wits, Honda N One, Honda fit and Toyota Passo.

Rewards of Suzuki swift

The Suzuki swift was uses in all over the world and get more than 60 rewards, in which some of rewards detail given below.
  • Most fun drive car in Japan  2006
  • RJS japan car   2006 and 2011
  • Indian car of the year     2012
  • BBC top gear small car in India    2011
  • Gold star award by Australia     
  • Best model in city car by France
  • Insurance Autocar magazine by New Zealand
  • Best small car in Scottish in 2010 
  • Indian car of the year 2019

In this article we give you complete detail about Suzuki swift price in PKR, dollars, features and specifications and all information according your need, if you need any extra guidance or face any query you visit our website or contact us on our email address given below.
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