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Having a best and stylish car is a dream and a need lot of people in Pakistan but the prices of cars are increased in recent years and it became so difficult to buy a car for a common and they searched a car which will be best to run and affordable in price. That’s why in this article we are giving you detail about many auto vehicles which are cheapest and affordable in Pakistan for a common man and buying these vehicles you can fulfill their dreams and needs.  

In this article we give you detail about cheapest and affordable car prices in Pakistan. But the most important thing for maintaining a car depends on its timely maintenance and properly driving vehicle throughout its life cycle, so to use for a long time any vehicle, its maintenance is very important. The cost of car maintenance basically depends on the cast of its spare parts, so in present days its so difficult to busying and maintaining a new car.

In this article we give you detail about many cheapest and affordable cars which are

Top best and affordable cars list 

  1. Suzuki Mehran
  2. Suzuki Alto
  3. Suzuki wagon R
  4. Suzuki cult's
  5. Suzuki Every
  6. United auto bravo
  7. United Alpha 
  8. Prince pearl
  9. Honda city
  10. Honda Fit Base Grade
  11. Honda N one
  12. Honda Civic Hybrid
  13. Toyota Passo
  14. Mitsubishi Ek Wagon
  15. Nishan Moco

In this list some cars are Japanese and some are electric which are in affordable price in Pakistan which further detail and prices is given below.

List Of Top best and affordable cars detail and price

1.Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran car was the most popular and useable in Pakistan. Its price is cheapest and affordable for a common man. Even a salaried person can easily purchase this car with some savings. 

Suzuki Mehran car price in older model was round about 3 lacs to 4 lacs in Pakistani rupees, while in new model of Suzuki Mehran car was discounted in PKR 9 lac to 10 lacs, which price is not high its adjustable and cheapest. It can run 12 KM per liter with engine 800 cc hatchback. 

2.Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto was the first entry level in hatchback with 1000 cc engine. In last 2019 it was introduced in 660 cc engine capacity which can run 20 KM per liter. Its was the top choice in customers. Its price is not more, also adjustable for Pakistani people. The price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan local market was round about 1 million to 1.5 million.

3.Suzuki Wagon R

It was the second top choice in Pakistan which has 1000 cc hatchback. But its price is some higher than their competitive cars buts its quality is good. It can run 15 to 18 km per liter. Its seating space is easily adjustable for 5 persons. Its price is round about 1.5 million in Pakistani rupees with k10B engine.

4.Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is also a famous name in Pakistan country. In 2018 latest models of Suzuki Cultus was introduced and which was used and liked now a days. All loyal customers of Pak Suzuki used this car. this car is best for use and looking beautiful. I also used this vehicle and its best according my experience and recommend for new users to take this car.

When the latest model of Suzuki Cultus introduced it was about 1.7 to 1.8 million but now its price is increased due to their best quality and demand, now in 2020 to 2021 its price is round about 2 million in Pakistani rupees. It has 1000 cc hatchback and 14 to KM per liter. 

5.Suzuki Every

Suzuki Every has a best family van, it has 6 to 7 members sitting capacity. It has all features of imported cars. Its fuel average 15 to 18 KM per liter.

Its price in Pak rupees 9 to 11 lacs round about, which can easily afford an average salaried person. It has 660 cc engine and automatic transmission. 


6.United Auto Bravo

United automobiles are the famous brand of Pakistan, first they manufactured motor bikes but in 2018 they manufacture and introduced their car with 800 cc engine. 

It was manufactured to competitive a Mehran car. United Auto Bravo car price in Pak rupees was round about 1 million. Its fuel consumption 15 KM per liter average

In start when this company manufactured their car vehicle, they face many problems in their vehicle but now with in time they improved their quality and manufactured a best quality of United Auto Bravo car.

7.United Alpha

United Alpha was the latest car which introduce in 2nd January 2021. It was the most beautiful car and affordable car. it has 993 cc 4-cylinder engine, 5 speed manual transmission and 13-inch Alloy wheels.

Its price is round about 13 to 14 lacs (1.3 to 1.4 million) in PKR. It was available in 5 different colors which are





Golden Dark grey.

8.Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl was recently introduced in market with 800 cc engine. It has many features like an imported car and best for a salaried and low-income person. Its price is round about 1 million in PKR. Its fuel consumption average 15 KM per liter. Its spare parts are easily available in local market of Pakistan.

9.Honda city

Honda city latest model is the expensive car but if you go some year in past its older model of Honda city is much cheapest. In 2004 to 2008 older model were manufactured which spare parts are easily available in market with affordable price.

The older model of Honda city price is round about 1 million in PKR, but it looks like new model and so much beautiful and lush car. its fuel consumption average 14 to 15 KM per liter. 

10.Honda Fit Base Grade

Honda is the brand in Pakistan. Its also has a motor bikes and best car vehicle. It has 5 persons sitting capacity. It looks like a beautiful car. 

Its price is round about 1.8 million in PKR, fuel consumption was 22 to 24 KM per liter and 1339 cc engine. 

11.Honda N One

It was another vehicle of Honda brand and its ride is so comfortable and looking beautiful car. it has all features of an imported car.

Honda N one price is round about 12 lacs in Pakistani rupees which has 660 cc engine.

12.Honda Civic Hybrid

It’s the beautiful car in Pakistan and its body style looks like Sweden type car. its price is round about 1.4 million (14 lacs) in PKR which affordable in Pakistan for a common man. Its average fuel consumption is 18 KM per liter.

It was the best electric car and in USA it was the second-best electric car.  

13.Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo was the Japanese imported model which is most favorite in Pakistan due to their exterior and interior design. The third generation of Toyota Passo introduced in 2010 with front engine and front wheel hatchback. It has two variants which are Toyota Passo X and second one is Toyota Passo G. 

Toyota Passo price in Pakistan was round about 11 lacs (1.1 million) in PKR. It was available in two engine 1000 cc and 1300 cc engine with manual and automatic transmission. 

14.Mitsubishi EK Wagon

Mitsubishi EK Wagon model was proved very competitive in Pakistan. In 2006 its second generation was introduced with 660 cc engine. It has two variants which are G and GS. It has all imported standard features. 

Its price is round about 10 to 12 lacs (1 to1.2 million) in PKR, which is easily affordable in Pakistan for a common man. Its average fuel consumption was 16 to 18 KM per liter. 

15.Nishan Moco

Nishan Moco was the efficient fuel consumption and best technology car in Pakistan. It was introduced in 2006 with 660 cc engine and automatic transmission. It was available in three variants which are E, G and S. 

Nishan Moco price is round about 10 to 11 lacs in Pakistani rupees and its spare parts are available in local market with in affordable price. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

FAQ 1 : Which is the cheapest car in Pakistan?

The cheapest car in Pakistan was Suzuki Mehran which price is round about 4 to 9 lacs with in new and older model.

FAQ 2 : Which car is best for family use in Pakistan?

For family use best car is Honda Fit Base Grade which have easily 5 persons sitting capacity and Suzuki Every which are 6 to 7 persons sitting capacity.

FAQ 3 : Which car is best for daily use?

For daily use is Suzuki Wagon R which has 1000 cc engine. Further detail about Suzuki Wagon R given above.

FAQ 4 :Which small car is best in Pakistan?

Suzuki Wagon R Suzuki Cultus Suzuki Alto

FAQ 5 : Which one is best electronic car in Pakistan?

Honda Civic Hybrid is the best electronic car used in Pakistan. In USA it was the second-best electronic car.


In this article we give you information about many auto vehicles which are affordable in Pakistan for an average income person. We write this article because now a day’s car become a need for a family but some family can’t afford and some don’t know cheapest car in Pakistan, so this article will be very beneficial for such persons. The cheapest car was Suzuki Mehran which price is 4 to 9 lacs in PKR, but in our experience and information the best car is Prince Pearl which price is almost 9 to 11 lacs and 800 cc engine. Its was the beautiful car like their name and comfortable ride. We Hope so this Post will be very beneficial for you.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones so that they can be facilitate this precious information. For any query or need extra guidance then visit our website, write a comment in comment box or contact us on our Email address given below.

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