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Top best UPS invertor in Pakistan 

Top Best Ups price List in Pakistan 2021

Now Summer season is coming and electricity problem is always remained in Pakistan, in Winter season we don’t face many problems like in Summer season. In Summer season when electricity is off at night time and we are sleeping we face a lot of problem and our sleep is disturbed more ever when day time electricity is off our many works and day routine are disturbed like in industries and in companies when electricity is off each system is shut down and work is stopped that’s why face a lot of problem. So, to avoid these problems and do their work properly UPS is the best option in Pakistan. UPS will be automatically run when your electricity is off and you’re working routine will not be disturbed. Many people of Pakistan searching for new UPS which will be best in their quality and available at affordable rate. so,

In this article we are giving you information About many Best UPS invertor at affordable price and in best quality. If you are searching for a new UPS then this article will be very beneficial for you. So, to read this article completely and get information about it. ups price in pakistan.

In this article we will discuss

List of top best UPS in Pakistan


FAQ (Frequently Asked question)

Detail of these all topics are given below

Top best UPS price in pakistan 

UPS becomes a need now a days but many people can’t afford it. so here we are giving you information about different range UPS invertor, which you like and afford can purchase it. 

UPS invertor RS 5,000-20,000 range

UPS invertor RS 20,000-50,000 range

UPS invertor RS 50,000-70,000 range

UPS invertor RS 70,000-100,000 range

Detail of these UPS invertor are given below

UPS invertor RS 5,000-20,000 range 

Purchase a UPS with in 5 to 20 thousand range is affordable for a common man even he was a salaried person. The UPS invertor which comes in 5 to 20 thousand range with detail are given below

1.Crown UPS CMU 650 P

Its price is 7400 PKR and has many features which are 

Easy to use

Long life battery timing

Quality assurance

Automatic voltage regulation

2.INTEX UPS IT-650C maestro

Its price is round about 7,800 PKR and a best quality UPS invertor

It has 1 year and 3 months battery warranty.

Short circuit protection

Over load and over charge protection

Cold start function

Off-mode charging

3.SIMTEX Deluxe 

Model=SIMTEX Deluxe 1000VA UPS/invertor

Price= 12,230 PKR

Capacity= 3 fans and 3 lights


Auto shut down on low battery

Cold-start function 

No noise problem

Over load and over charge protection

4.SOUER Grid Tie Micro inverter

Mode= SOUCER Grid Tie Micro Invertor 1000 W

Price= 16000


Unique circuit design

More stable performance and more efficiency

Heat and cold resistance 

Core technology patents 

5.INTEX smart

Model= INTEX smart 1050VA thunder UPS

Price= 16,500

Capacity= wide range input voltage


Automatic shut down on battery low

Over and under voltage protection


Model= STABIMATIC Gemini UPS- 1000VA

Price= 19680


Back up 10-15 minutes

Wide input range

Low battery sounding

Power 1000VA

UPS invertor 20,000 to 50,000 PKR 

Now we will give you a list of UPS which comes in 20 to 50 thousand range. Many families are big and want high voltage UPS then this range UPS will be very beneficial for you. The list of these UPS invertor which comes in 20 to 30 thousand range given below.


Model= SIMTEX EP-1012 heavy duty sine Wave UPS/invertor

Price= 24,730


Stable output voltage

Large LCD display for content detail

Charging current adjustable

Power saver mode


Model= VERTIV PSA 1000-BA 1000 VA/600 W UPS

Price= 25,500


Auto restart 

Fast charging

Cold start function

Overload protection and alarm

UPS communication and shut down software


Model= STABIMATIC Gemini UPS-1500VA

Price= 28520


Wide input range

Power 1500 VA

Back up 10-15 minutes

3 step CPU control

4.Blazer Vista

Model= Blazer Vista 200VA UPS Line interactive

Price= 34000


Microprocessor control guarantee

Auto restart

Compact size and light weight

Overload protection

Generator compatible


Model= STABIMATIC Gemini UPS-2000VA

Price= 36,230



Available in discounted price

Dealers and distributers available in Pakistan at official price.

6.APC Back UPS

Model= APC back UPS 1100 VA, Universal and ICE sockets

Price= 40,000


Give notification for changer utility power

Battery back-up and surge protection

Work safely with connected system

Protect hardware and data power system

UPS invertor 51,000 to 70,000 PKR range

If you want to get words most popular brand UPS that will be best reliable and best quality. Here we bring a lot of such UPS which will be affordable and according your need. The detail of such UPS given below.


Model= SIMTEX EP-3024 heavy duty Sine wave Ups/invertor

Price= 51,750


Stable output voltage

Large LCD display for content detail

Adjustable charging system

Shut down and monster management

2.Homage HVS UPS invertor

Model= Homage HVS-3014SCC Vertex Series 3000-Watt UPS invertor

Price= 66000


Support USB for system functions

Work with or without battery

Both solar and utility system

Short circuit protection

Fan replaceable


Model= STABIMATIC ON-LINE-2000 UPS with batteries

Price= 68,310


  • Microprocessor controlled system
  • Lighter weight and compact size
  • High energy efficiency that reduces power cast
  • Available for most operating system

UPS invertor 71,000 to 100,000 PKR in range

Some people want to run their offices, ACs and whole companies’ system they need a big UPS invertor for their necessities. So here we will give you a list of many UPS invertor through which can run their ACs, offices and their system which are given below.

1.Schneider Electric APS 

Model= Schneider Electric APS Easy UPS – SRV1K|

Price= 84, 560


800 watts out power capacity

Large LCD for content display

Load and electricity protection

Maximum rechargeable timing 4 

Alarming for battery low


Model= SIMTEX EP-5048 Heavy duty Sine Wave UPS/Invertor

Price= 86,580


Control circuit for starting loading

Stable output

Large LCD display for content detail

Suitable for different battery ratings

Advanced DSP digital control technology



Price= 88,000


Best power factor 

Double conversion efficiency

Configurable output voltage

Adjustable battery charging system


Model= APS SMAT-UPS C 1500VA LCD 230-V SMC-1500|

Price= 90,750


  • Automatic restart after electricity shut down or charging battery
  • Alarm notification for backup power
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • And many other benefits buts it’s the best ups quality

FAQ (frequently Asked Question)

FAQ 1 : Which company is best for UPS in Pakistan?

• SIMTEX EP • Homage HVS

FAQ 2 : Which type of battery is best for UPS?

Verla and sealed batteries is best for UPS.

FAQ 3 : Which is better invertor or UPS?

UPS is best and more efficient.

FAQ 4 : How long UPS will be loss?

A normal range and a better-quality UPS will be loss after 14 to 15 years.

FAQ 5 : Which is the best UPS for home?

SIMTEK TOWER is the best UPS for home use.


In this article we give UPS information in different range some are in cheaper rate and some in high but you can purchase which according your need and your earnings. The mostly asked question which Ups is best, then according our research SIMTEX and Homage company UPS is best for use and affordable for a common man. 

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones so that they can be facilitate this precious information. For any query or need extra guidance then visit our website, leave a comment in comment box more ever you can contact us on our email address given below.

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