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Pakistani dramas download full episodes utorrent

Pakistani drama download If you want to download old and new Pakistani dramas then you are at right place. Many people want to watch old dramas and some want to watch new dramas. As you know this is era of technology and mobile phone replaced the use of television. People don't watch live dramas on television. Mostly people like old PTV dramas.  Because everyone is busy and people have no time to watch dramas. Then many people download dramas and watch these dramas in leisure time. how to download pakistani dramas full episodes.

Here is list of top drama downloading websites. You can download dramas very easily by following simple steps. You can watch live dramas and download all new and old dramas. Those old dramas are available in low visual quality. You can also download songs along with dramas. You just need to write name of drama in search bar and list of dramas will be available on screen. Then you need to select episode number and video quality. These all websites are easy to use and free. Please read this article carefully and follow the instructions. Always use Google chrome browser for downloading dramas. Because Google chrome supports all kinds of websites version.

List of Best Websites to Download Pakistani Dramas

1- Pakfiles:

Pakfiles is Pakistani drama website. On this website you can watch and download dramas of different channels. You can watch and enjoy dramas of following channels. Every tv channel has separate categories on website. Song category is also available in this website. This website is very user friendly. Different entertainment shows are also available on this website. 

  • HUM TV
  • GEO TV
  • ARY Digital
  • A Plus
  • Urdu 1
  • PTV
  • Express 
  • PTV world
  • PTV Global


This is official website of HUM TV. This channel only offers exclusive dramas of HUM TV channel. All kinds of dramas and exclusive shows are uploaded on this website. This website covers maximum coverage of HUM TV. You can also watch HUM TV live on this website.


This is also Pakistani website. It offers different varieties of entertainment. You can watch and download dramas along with other entertainment content.


This is official website of Ary group. User can watch and download dramas of Ary Digital. On this website old dramas of Ary are also uploaded on this website.


This website has variety of options of entertainment. You can watch and download dramas of different channels.

  • HUM TV
  • Express Entertainment
  • Geo TV
  • TV One
  • Urdu 1
  • Ary TV

6- The Pakistan TV

This website offers dramas of different channels including GEO TV, ARY Digital, Urdu 1 and A plus.

User can watch and download all old and new dramas of these channels.

7- is Pakistani website. User can download and watch Pakistani dramas along with songs of dramas. This website offers dramas of Ary Digital,  Geo TV and Hum TV.


This website offers dramas of different channels including HUM TV, ARY Digital, GEO TV and other famous channels. This website also offers entertainment and showbiz news. You can also download lollywood songs from this website.

9- YouTube: is famous website. All old and new dramas are uploaded on YouTube. Different YouTube channels are uploading dramas of different channels. Every TV channel has official YouTube channel. Where dramas are uploaded. You can also search dramas by searching drama name in YouTube search engine. User can watch old dramas. User can download these dramas by using third party website. Here is list of channels where old and new dramas are available.


If you want to download and watch Pakistani dramas then visit these above mentioned websites. I have explained about all websites. Always download dramas from official website of channel for exclusive entertainment. I also provide list of YouTube channels. Where you can download desirable dramas in top quality.You need to write the name of particular website in Google chrome. Different categories are available in these websites. It is very easy to find dramas by categories.

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