Telenor Easy card 150 Weekly Package

Telenor always strives to bring attractive offers to the customers. I am going to provide details Rs.150 cards of all easy deals through Telenor. Now, you will enjoy the optional options on Telenor using Easy Card, SMS and web browsing. Telenor offers you the best balance discounts. Telenor offers you the best combination of SMS, internet and free minutes. Even set aside several free minutes to chat with your loved ones on other networks.

Telenor Easy Card 150 Weekly Package

Telenor offers customers easy and flexible cards. This internet uses 7 days, free minutes and SMS user data packages for a few days, minutes of SMS or call as well, very cheap and easy card for them too. SMS and even internet data is recovered. The user is calling in minutes for a few days, a person living in the jungle needs SMS or network data. They do not need to have a simple card 600 or 350 for the whole Week.

How to Subscribe Telenor Easy Card 150 Package

  • Dial *963# From your Phone to Subscribe telenor easy card 150 package.
  • Package Details: 1500 MBs data + 1000 Telenor to Telenor & Ptcl Minutes + 50 other network minutes
  • Charges: Rs. 135 incl. tax
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Check Remaining MBs: Dial *999#
  • Check Remaining Call Minutes: Dial *222#

Telenor Easy Card 150 Package
Rs. 135+tax
1500MB data+ Telenor & Ptcl 1000
50 Minutes other Networks
 7 Days
Dial *963#

Telenor Weekly 175 Easy Card Offer

Telenor offers weekly easy cards to give your customers more convenience. This offer offers you a lot of benefits to take advantage of in 7 days. Telenor Weekly Easy Card offer is only available for RS. 130. You can get 1500 SMS and 3GB internet from 1500 call minutes, other 60 minutes. You may need to take advantage of this offer, but after scraping and loading the card, you are free to use these benefits.

How to Active Telenor Weekly 175 Easy Card Package

  • Dial *175# to Activate telenor weekly 175 easy card package.
  • Package Information: 3GB internet + 1500 Telenor to Telenor Minutes+ 60 other networks minutes+ 1500 SMS
  • Charges: Rs. 175 incl. tax
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Check Remaining MBs: Dial *999# 
  • Check Remaining Call Minutes: Dial *222#
  • Check Remaining SMS: Dial *111#

Telenor Easy Card 175 Package
Rs. 175+tax
3GB data+ Telenor 1500
60 Minutes other Networks
1500 SMS
 7 Days
Dial *175#

Terms and Conditions 
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on telenor easy card 150 Offer
  • Telenor easy card 150 only for prepaid customers.
  • After the offer end, prices and resources may vary depending on the standard tariff for onnet calls and data, as per the customer 's price plan.

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