5+ Best Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone 2022

Play and have fun with family or friends with these fantastic multiplayer games for Android and iPhone where you can share with close friends without an internet connection or with players around the world in real time (online). There are light racing games, light battle or war games, sports games and even question and answer games to challenge your IQ friends locally  Enjoy

1.Brain Test: Deceptive Riddles

an addictive game to challenge your family and friends in an intelligence test that can be tricky but fun.
  • Game Type : Family
  • Price : Free with in-app coin purchases.
  • Weight : | 104MB Graphics : Light
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

2.Mario kart Tour

Use your pilot skills to compete with up to 7 players on a world tour full of epic challenges that you can go through with objects to improve your skills and score.
  • Game Type : Racing / Action
  • Price : Free with in-app purchases
  • Weight : | 209MB Graphics : Light
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

3.Boom Beach

Attack enemy bases to free the enslaved people by creating an army with players from all over the world to fight and gain control.
  • Game Type : Strategy / Combat
  • Price : Free with internal purchases.
  • Weight : | 202MB Graphics : Light
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

4.Badland Brawl

It is a physics based game where you will have to Fight against your friends or unite with players to form a team that unleashes a chain reaction to knock down your opponent.
  • Game Type : Strategy
  • Connection: Requires internet.
  • Price : Free with in-game purchases.
  • Weight : | 109MB Graphics : Light
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

5.Bowling Crew

It is a 3D bowling game that you can play with your friends or in PvP multiplayer online. Compete in tournaments and 1 to 1 matches that by improving skills, you unlock new series.
  • Game Type : Sports
  • Price : Free with in-game purchases.
  • Weight : | 140MB Graphics : 3D
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

6.Brawl Stars

From the same creators of Clash of Clans they launch this entertaining game where it has several game modes to fight frantic 3v3 battles with online, duo or solo players.
  • Game Type : Action
  • Price : Free with real money item purchases.
  • Weight : | 285MB Graphics: Lightweight
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

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