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How to Active Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service

Jazz has introduced a credible call forwarding service to our valued customers in Pakistan. Jazz is a brand of Pakistan highly organized and an efficient telecommunication facilities care for our valued customers is always introduces users to Pakistan. He has been given a call forwarding option for all cellular operators who are using this network connection can easily use the call forwarding facility at reasonable charges. This allows you to properly forward a call to a voice mailbox or other alternate number. This is an exceptional and excellent Jazz customer care service.. If you're busy and you can not participate in the phone call you need to use only Jazz & Warid call forwarding service and all calls will be diverted to your voicemail. It also facilitates redirecting phone calls to other local numbers. If you are using two Jazz connections, you can use this feature to divert phone calls to another number Service.

Jazz Call Divert and Jazz Call Forwarding Service receive the same number from which the revenue is received. If you're busy and you do not want to receive calls or SMS from other numbers, you can activate call divert service from jazz to jazz or even just a code call forwarding service. This service is used when you dial a number, which serves as a unique way, instead of automatically call the number on the number of moves. This is tantamount to sending the parcel to any address but know another address. Call forwarding lets you turn on incoming calls to voice mail or another number JAZZ GSM, when your number is busy, Accessible or not you want to be disturbed. This basic but provided essential services free of charge to all users JAZZ GSM and nominal call charges, which automatically becomes active (except for call forwarding with your connections are applied to your package plan) ۔

Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Code

Currently the service is only available to prepaid users of the network and the network of valuable postpaid Pakistan is very hard to start a similar service for users. If cellular operators are worried that they will not be able to use this service and leave message in the voicemail inbox through all incoming calls this feature. Various details of this facility are described below for the readers.

How to Active Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service

  • Just Dial Code*21*0300786#  From your Phone Now Active Call forwarding Service.
  • In case Not Working Above Code then you try this Code *21*0300142#
  • Third Code For Call Forwarding Simply Just Before Number *21*Number# Dial.
  • Example: *21*033223xxxx#
  • Charges: Zero
  • Validity: Life Time
Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service
How to Subscribe
First Code *21*0300786#
Second Code :*21*0300142#
Third: *21*Number you want Forward#
Life Time
HOW TO Unsubscribe

How to Forward Call your Number to Another Number

If you want to Froward your call another number Simply Just *21*your number you want Forward Call # now successfully Forward your all Calls another number.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Call Divert Forwarding 

If you Want to Unsubscribe your Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service its very easy Simply Dial ##21#
from your Phone Automatically Unsubscribe your Call Divert Forwarding Service. Unsubs can avail this facility in Free of cost. Any time you can Deactivate your jazz call Divert Service. dial and certify that the bouting you have been using since May will be over!

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service.
  • Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service for prepaid & postpaid customers.

Conclusion: In this article we will give you best information about Latest Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service. Please share this New Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. if you feel any problem want know more information about this Jazz Call Divert Forwarding Service Post then comment in below.

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