Zong 500 Monthly Package Price Details

Zong once again brought an excellent monthly Internet plan. Zong Monthly 500 Basic does offer faster Internet connections for 500 Bundle month and does not need to be activated on a daily basis package. Zong Star Fairy monthly Power Pack SIM 500 - Zong to help meet the needs of your entertainment and communication Monthly Internet Package massive scale Internet MBBS, SMS and minutes offered by your power get all the benefits of SIM Monthly packs. Power Pack Sims Zong Zong Monthly Package is an exciting Hybrid Power Pack 500 Starter Bundle. Zong is a well-known telecom company in Pakistan that offers great value to its customers. There are many offers in Power Pack Zong Sim that meet all your needs. There are several SIMs in the Zong Power Pack that can be purchased.

Zong 500 Monthly Package

Zong monthly Power Pack 500 starter package comes at the price of 500 rupees. 500. This package will enable you to net Zong Zong and other network number to call for 30 days. 1000 SMS, 1000 zone Zong minutes, 50 other network minutes and get 2500 MB (2.5 GB) Mobile Internet data. If you use the power pack to the 500 * 1313 # to activate again if you want to subscribe to the monthly 500 Zong starter. See complete details below.

How to Subscribe Zong 500 Monthly Package

  • Dial *1313# from your Phone to subscribe Zong Monthly 500 Package.
  • Package information: 2.5GB internet data + 1000 Zong to Zong Minutes + 50 Other network minutes+ 1000 SMS for all networks.
  • Charges: Rs. 500+tax
  • Validity: 30 Days 
  • Check Your Remaining Zong 500 Package internet Call Minutes and SMS: Dial *102#

Zong 500 Monthly Package
Rs. 500+tax
2.3GB data+50 other networks minutes
1000 Zong to Zong Minutes
1000 SMS
 30 Days
Dial *1313#

Zong Monthly 500 Internet Basic Package

This only internet package with in very low price for full Month.

How to Active 500 Monthly internet Basic Offer

  • Just Dial *6464# for follow the activation menu.
  • Offer Details: 500 MB internet data
  • Charges:Rs.150 Plus Tax
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Check your Remaining MB Data: Dial *102#

Zong 500 Basic  Monthly Package
Rs. 150+tax
500 MB Data
 30 Days
Dial *6464#

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Zong 500 monthly package.
  • Zong 500 monthly package only for prepaid customers.
  • Internet Available for 2G,3G,4G
  • If you use the Internet without having to subscribe to a data bundle, Rs. 4 + tax / m will be charged b. The default is less than 1MB of pulse charging.
  • Rs. 1 + taxes / MB will be charged according to the expiration of the bundle
  • Free SMS included in the package of international and short code SMS is not applicable for MS. 1000 on-net minutes are only available for zoning calls from the zone. 50 off-net minutes for calls to all local networks available.
  • Rs per set of call set-up fee is applied 0.12 per call.

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