Bts Full Form

 A word called 'BTS' has a lot of meanings and abbreviations and many people search about the actual meaning so here we have a few of them some of them are famous and 3 of them are mostly used so here in the following paragraph I am going to explain the abbreviations.

What is the Full Form of bts ?

Bts Full Form

1.Bangtang sonyeondan (Bangtang boys) Bts

2.Better than sax (BTS)

3.Be there soon(BTS)

4.Beneath the surface(BTS)

5.Beat the streak (BTS)

6.Best thinking student(BTS)

7.Bit test and set (Assembly)-(BTS)

8.Blood transfusion services(BTS)

So they are the few abbreviations of the 'BTS'

But 4 of them are the most famous and I am going to explain all 4 one by one.

1. Bangtang sonyeondan:

This is the most famous abbreviation of the BTS, so this is a hip hop music band of the "7" members or "7" boys in Seoul South Korea 

The actual meaning of the bangtang is Bulletproof boys scouts. This band came into being in 2010 in South Korea. An entertainment and music company launched them. At the start, it was a hip-hop music band but with time they also included many other music genres. After their existence, they sang many songs in which 2 of them are more famous albums

-"No more dreams" ( song)

-"2 cool 4 schools" (songs)

It is not only the musical band but also their group members spent money on the charity

They also founded a campaign named " love me" which works to stop the violence against young people. Likewise, they are also very famous worldwide as well they have a strong fan base. Even many of the celebrities are fans of this band in America. They often go to music concerts in a lot of counties 

They also have a YouTube channel named 'Bangtantv' which has 56.6M subscribers on YouTube and the most-watched video on their channel is " permission to dance" which has 256M views on it so this is what it is.

And the most important part is they are still united and they didn't split.

Now seven members of this band are mention below in column

1.Rampon( Kim Namjoon)

2.Jimin(Park Jimin)

3.Jungkok(jeon Bangkok)


5.J hope (Jung hoseok)

6.Jin(Kim Seok-jin) 

7.Suga(Min yoongi)

They are all given as above all members and now their function in the band is given below respectively

1.leader and lead rapper

2.Main vocalist

3.Dancer and vocalist


5.Rapper and lead dancer



BTS members are included in the top 100 most famous personalities in the world they also appear in many interviews as well, like in "Ellen show"

A talk show and like this many other shows. They are also dancers and also lead the dance show. Their songs have many Good lyrics. These lyrics include different topics of society and the problems society facing these days. Now we talk about the topics they cover in their songs 

It includes ethics, teenage problems, against violence, mental satisfaction, also have a focus on the improvement of the individual. likewise, this band is also a cheering band. Mean they like to cheer people like them a lot because they have reason to like them. The band is evolving itself with the time They are also earning a lot of money per anum 

Now elaborating on the other two. 

2.Better than sax:

Other than the Bangtan boys band if we talk about the other meaningful explanations of the #bts we have another meaning called better than sax so this is a phrase or a sentence that is used to express satisfaction or calmness and pleasure or happiness. So in many contexts, this used to show satisfaction 

- mostly this is used with the # hashtag it so this shows the satisfaction of a person. There are also many examples of this phrase that clears its function

- For me, nothing compares with traveling it's better than sax

-You must try Friends (season) it's better than sax 

Likewise, many other examples can be quoted in this phrase 

3.Be there soon :

This is a phrase or simple sentence that is as simple as it sounds so we can understand the meaning. When someone asks a second person  to come to a certain place in an emergency or given time, the invitation to somewhere then he asks him to come, this phrase will be used in response by the second person which mean

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