Etisalat Social Data Plans Daily, Weekly & Monthly Packages

Etisalat No. 1 network that is used in the UEA and Afghanistan, offers many services and packages for the convenience of our customers. Etisalat offers its prepaid and postpaid customers SMS package, call minutes and excellent internet package. Etisalat Network's best package to provide affordable internet packages that can be used on a etisalat social data packages which we will explain in this article. Etisalat  3G, 4G and broadband internet data services to facilitate its customers. Through which they offer iZone WiFi hotspot system is easy and useful, iZone can be connected via a prepaid card. iZone was extended to shopping centers, restaurants and cafe shops.

Etisalat always strives to facilitate its valued customers at all levels and in all fields. He can see his family, friends and loved ones can be folded easily and snap the tube and videos via chat, which provide the best data package for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. 

What is the Etisalat Social Data Plan?

Daily social data all Etisalat prepaid plan offers 150MB of daily users on Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn, and CMe BOTIM * * Applications AED only 2 days. Social data allowance can be used for messaging. For audio and video calls on BOTIM and C'Me, you must subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan. 

Etisalat monthly Social Package AED 49 per day. This package is for 30 days and will automatically renew after it expires. Users must be AED 49 in your account to automatically renew the package.

Etisalat Daily Social Data Package - How to activate etisalat social data package 2 aed

Etisalat Daily Social Data Plan enabled, you will have access to 150MB social network every day.

Etisalat Daily Social Plan internet package
150MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, 
BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn, BOTIM
 1 day
dial *170#, or Type “DSP”send it  to 1010

Etisalat One-week Social  Data Pack

Etisalat  Weekly Social Plan internet package
20 AED
300MB internet  
 7 days
Dial *170#

Etisalat Monthly Social Data Package

Monthly Social Data Plan Pay only 49 / month per month to all Etisalat prepaid and postpaid users to access Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bottom * and CME * applications. Offers for * Social data allowance can be used for messaging. For audio and video calls on BOTIM and C'Me, you must subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan.

Etisalat Monthly Social Plan internet package
49 AED
1GB internet  for Facebook, 
WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, 
LinkedIn, BOTIM
 30 days
dial *170#, or Type “SP” send it to 1010

I can do these social applications?

You can perform activities such as:

  • - Access Facebook, such as sending messages, adding friends, uploading photos, updating profiles, posts, etc.
  • - Use the WhatsApp for chatting, sending and receiving, or videos and broadcast messages.
  • - Use Twitter to tweet, reply to tweets, retweet, follow others, find trending topics, etc.
  • - Log in to BBM to chat, create groups, share photos, update profiles, and broadcast messages.
  • - You can enjoy LinkedIn to view posts, post updates, browse contacts and send messages.
  • - Send or receive messages via BOTIM or C'Me and chat with your friends. For audio and video calls, you must subscribe to an Internet calling plan.
  • - External links for viewing articles, photos and videos will be charged at 30 file / MB promo rate.

Do I need to activate social data plans every day and month?

Once your daily social data plan is enabled, you will enjoy access to everyday social 150MB. The plan automatically renews every 24 hours, at which point you activate the first plan. You will be subscribed to this project as long as you do not disable it. For example, if you plan to enable 7pm, the plan will remain active for 24 hours, and will be renewed next day evening at 7 pm.

If you choose to activate a monthly social data plan, you'll enjoy 1GB of social access every month, and the plan will automatically renew every 30 days. 

How to Unsubscribe deactivate Etisalat Social plan?

If you want to deactivate Etisalat social data package just follow steps.

For Daily Social Data Plan  Unsubscribe at any time : Open SMS option Write New SMS Type C DSP” Send it to 1010. or Install Etisalat App plan will be deactivate.

For Monthly Social Data Plan  deactivate Just open SMS type “C SP” send it to 1010.

Terms and conditions
  • Terms and conditions apply on Etisalat Social plans
  • Etisalat Social plans only for Prepaid Customer.
  • You cannot use two Connect SIMs at the same time.
  • The price of prepaid data packages varies from time to time.
  • If you do not use your data package on time, it will expire after the time limit.
  • new Etisalat SIM will cost approximately A 58 AED.
  • You can achieve this by Online Sim can get from any branch UEA Etisalat and Etisalat Afghanistan or register Page.

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