Snack Video Coin To PKR Rate In Pakistan - Snack video coins to pkr converter

There are a lot of entertainment apps in Pakistan and other countries as well. Among  Which Tiktok and Bigo are some of the most famous apps. But recently they were banned in Pakistan. Now last year, a new entertainment app was introduced named snack video. It is not only an entertainment app but also earning app as well. App provides the cash in Pakistani Rupees by exchanging method. In this method, coins are exchanged with Rupees and then they are transferred to the account of the respective user.

Snack Videos app background singing, is used to view any movie or voice conversations and watch short videos to play. Nowadays a lot of movie stars and even make their own short drama videos using voice actress background and earn money. Tik tok star snack Videos app because many are left in the snack Tik Tok Videos app gives you a lot of money.

Snack Video Coin Exchange Rate In Pakistan

So basically this article is about snack video coin exchange in pkr. So currently the exchange rate of snack video coins is 50 coins of 0.01 pkr which means to make 1pkr you have to make 5000 coins 5000 coins=1pkr

So this is the basic exchange rate. This is what you need to make 1pkr. Thus, by using this calculation you can further calculate the earned rupees as well

If you want to make 10 rupees you must have 50,000coins in your account.

If you want to make 100Rs then you must have 500,000 coins in your account.

After you get your coins in your snack video account by inviting others or by watching videos after a specific time these coins will redeem into pkr according to the 0.01pkr=50coins formula then these Rupees will be sent to your jazz cash, easy paisa account at the end. 

Today Snack Video Coins to Pkr Rate List

Snack  App Coins

Into Pakistani Rupees

1 Coin


10 Coins

Rs. 0.002

20 Coins


30 Coins


40 Coins


50 Coins


60 Coins




80 Coins


90 Coins


100 Coins

Rs 0.02

Snack  App Coins

Into Pakistani Rupees

1000 Coins


5000 Coins

Rs. 1

10000 Coins


20000 Coins


40000 Coins


60000 Coins


80000 Coins




2,000,000 Coins


3,000,000 Coins


4,000,000 Coins

Rs 800

Snack  App Coins

Into Pakistani Rupees

100,000,000 Coins


80,000,000 Coins

Rs. PKR 16000

60,000,000 Coins


40,000,000 Coins


20,000,000 Coins


10,000,000 Coins


5,000,000 Coins


4,000,000 Coins


3,000,000 Coins


3,000,000 Coins


4,000,000 Coins

Rs 800

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So in the end, there are some steps to earn the money from snack videos

1.Download the app by google play store by a link directly.

This app is available at the google play store so you can easily download this app from it just go to the app logo and download it. This app is only 48MB so you can download that easily

2.Now make your account on snack video:

To make your account you must follow the instructions given by the app authorities so after that you will officially register your account on the app with your name on it 

You have to submit your info on it it may include the 

-date of birth

-your Gmail Id

- your cell number

After all these steps you will get your password on your mobile which you have to put at the password site on the mobile and then you will be officially registered on the app with your account.


3.Invite your friend by sending him an invitation link on Whatsapp:

Now in the setting, you will get your invitation code there (code will be different from every other person) so go there and copy that code from there and then send it to your friend by using WhatsApp this link a logo will appear on mobile so this will be your invitation.

4.After he/she opened the link and download the app through your link: Link : The invitation code is 741 162 014.Copy the whole text to the clipboard.2. Tap the link below to open/install Snack. (recommend way)

So after that, he will download the app by your reference with the code from the play store so he will get this app download there.

5.After he established his account then you get your coins the more he uses the app more you get coins and then after the exchange, you will get the money 

There is a long procedure for that the person you invite will have to use this app properly and must remain active on the app as well then more he uses the app the more you will get the coins 

I am gonna explain it by statics as I mentioned that previously 50 coins =0.01Rs

So by this more coins will submit to your account then you can redeem that coins to the Rupees so there are also some rules you have to be active on the app if you don't use your app for 30days then all of your coins will disappear from your account so be active on it and then you will get your coins.

After you withdraw your money from the app it will require your jazz cash account detail and after that, you will get your money in your account after 3-6 days  

How to exchange or redeem coins into Pakistan Currency?

You will be shown in Coin are making money on snack Videos app to exchange money on a daily bases. To change the Coin money you do not have to do anything. The next day will exchange all Coin morning before 8.00 am or PKR will automatically triggered.

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You can earn money and also will get entertained so this is a good way to spend your time but it is also a waste lot of your time as well so just use it only in your free time A lot of people don't like this app because they have a solid reason for that because it contains a lot of vulgar content as well so just use it in a good way and don't get addicted to this

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