PTA IMEI Check, Verification and register Mobile Phones with PTA DIRBS 

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has of late made it fundamental for all cell phone clients to look at and register their devices with the authority over the web. It should require a PTA IMEI check, confirmation, and registration of phones with PTA DIRBS 2021. Any gadget that isn't enrolled with the PTA versatile enlistment entrance is in danger of being denied by the position.


In the event that you have a cell gadget, you ought to know that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should confirm and approve each phone or cell phone sold in the country (PTA). After a particular time of enactment, if the gadget isn't enrolled or falls under the classification of non-PTA-approved gadgets, it will be restricted.

You would now be able to keep away from yourself the difficulty of having your cell phone restricted and losing all your data simply by looking down the page to get straightforward guidance on the best way to check a telephone's IMEI number in a few techniques.


What is an IMEI Number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is an interesting identifier that recognizes GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN telephones. Double SIM telephones have two separate IMEI numbers since each SIM space on your cell phone has its own IMEI number.

ü  The IMEI number might be promptly found whether or not you have an Android or an iPhone. Basically, follow the means underneath:

ü  The IMEI is by and large printed under the battery of your cellphone, close to the SIM card [in separable battery devices] for Android telephone clients.

ü  On the off chance that you can't think that it is under the battery or the battery will not come out, your gadget's IMEI is likewise imprinted on the bundling.

ü  iPhone proprietors can promptly find their telephone's IMEI number on the back.


How to Register IMEI Number in PTA?

PTA IMEI Check, Verification and register Mobile Phones with PTA DIRBS

Checking and enrolling your cell phone with PTA is currently exceptionally basic. All you should do is download the PTA application and enter the telephone's subtleties. They will then, at that point give a challan number, which might be just paid online through versatile banking. Your telephone will be enrolled after the last advance is done.

 Check and register with your mobile phone PTA is very simple. You get to download the PTA app that just does it and collect information about the phone. Once it is complete, they will issue a ticket number that can be paid easily online through mobile banking. The last step is complete, your phone will be registered.

PTA enrollment offers a Google Playstore App to assist you with your online PTA IMEI Check enlistment. On your Android cell phone, go to and download the PTA versatile IMEI check App. You can likewise look "DVS PTA Pakistan App" from the google play store and introduce it.

Subsequent to downloading the PTA IMEI Check App, follow the simple tasks to do an online PTA IMEI check.

  • ü  Open introduced Device Verification System application on your cell phone.
  • ü  Presently Enter your telephone IMEI number in the application search box.
  • ü  Hit submit button and let the application really take a look at it.
  • ü  Following a couple of moments, it will give you results whether your portable or GSM gadget is enrolled with PTA or not.


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Check Your Phone's IMEI Number in Pakistan:

The last cutoff time from PTA was October 20, 2018, to check versatile IMEI number confirmation. Be that as it may, PTA actually permits you to enlist your cell phone with PTA by settling extra expenses.

We here gather some data for you to check your telephone PTA support status after the cutoff time elapse. Additionally, you can really look at your GSM and broadband web gadgets also.


To check your telephone's IMEI number, follow these means:

  • ü  Dispatch the versatile dialer on the gadget whose IMEI you wish to turn upward.
  • ü  Presently enter the accompanying code: *#06#
  • ü  At the point when you hit #, your gadget's IMEI number will show on the screen.
  • ü  You'll see two IMEI numbers on your screen on the off chance that you have a double SIM telephone.
  • ü  To confirm and check the PTA enrollment status of your telephone, duplicate the IMEI number(s).


SMS Verification of PTA Mobile IMEI:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has carried out various strategies for confirming cell phones. Gadget Identification, Registration, Blocking System (DIRBS), and PTA Device Verification System are two models (DVS). In the event that you wish to utilize SMS to confirm your cell phone with PTA, follow the means underneath:


  • ü  Get your telephone and access your inbox messages after you have your telephone's IMEI number [as shown in the strategies above].
  • ü  Message IMEI number 8484 in another message.
  • ü  Presently you should hang tight for the reaction. You will get a reaction from PTA in no time flat, demonstrating whether the cell phone is enlisted with PTA.


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Check of portable IMEI through the PTA website site:

Assuming you need to figure out how to utilize a PC to validate your cell with PTA, there is a particular page for that. Here is a bit-by-bit manual for deciding if you are utilizing a PTA-endorsed cell phone.

Here is a bit-by-bit approach to check whether you're mobile the phone is PTA-supported:


  • ü  Explore the PTA Mobile Verification page on your internet browser.
  • ü  Look down the site until you see the bar that says, "Enter 15-digit IMEI."
  • ü  Presently, in the bar, type in your 15-digit cellphone IMEI number.
  • ü  Snap the 'Check' button whenever you've input the IMEI number.
  • ü  You'll be sent directly to your PTA versatile enrollment data.



Have you quite recently purchased another telephone? Remain curious to see if you are utilizing a PTA endorsed cell phone or not? Here are the means by which to do it utilizing the PTA versatile check application.


  • ü  Start with downloading the PTA Device Verification System (DVS) application on your cell phone.
  • ü  You can download it free of charge from all the main application store.
  • ü  In the gadget confirmation segment of your application, you'll see a bar like the one you have seen on the site. It is the place where you enter your 15-digit portable IMEI number.
  • ü  In the event that you would prefer not to type, you can likewise check the IMEI number utilizing the choice in the application.
  • ü  Accordingly, it will tell either your cell phone is consistent, rebellious, or impeded.


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What precisely is DIRBS?

DIRBS PTA IMEI Check is a modern system utilized by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. It ensures that main gadgets that have been legitimately imported and confirmed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) might be utilized on Pakistan's portable organizations.



Here are a couple of significant things you need to remember while confirming your gadget with PTA and chipping away at the course of portable enrollment through DRIBS:


ü  There are just three different ways to check your cell phone with PTA

ü  Try not to pursue the obscure vendors who guarantee to enroll in cell phone gadgets. They may not be approved to do as such. This implies you will just burn through your time and cash. Regardless of whether they some way or another open your cell phone, it can get hindered again any time.

ü  You might have half a month's window to get your gadget enrolled with PTA after you import it from abroad.

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