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Zong is a telecom network of Pakistan. It is china-based company which working in Pakistan and about 24 million users of this network in Pakistan. Zong provides many facilities like other telecom network like SMS package, Call package and internet packages. Rather all of these packages Zong also provides a big offer for the facility of their loving customers to check their call history, SMS and internet history online by making Zong ECare login account.

In this article we will tell you how you can check your Zong call history, SMS and internet history online from ECare portal account. We will discuss here four methods through which you can check your Zong SIM call history, SMS history and internet data usage.

  1. How to login Zong ECare portal account
  2. ZONG app
  3. Zong website
  4. Zong helpline number
The detail is given below.

To check your call history, SMS history and internet history you must login your Zong account on Zong ECare portal page. To Make your account on Zong ECare portal page follow these steps given below.

  • To access Zong ECare Portal page click on this page.
  • Then enter your mobile number (SIM number) and type correct captcha and click on login.
  • After click on login you will receive a Pin code as a conformation message on your SIM number.
  • Now write this pin code on required box and access your SIM detail online.
  • Now you will see Zong ECare portal dashboard on your screen and can be check your remaining balance, active packages, all history and internet data.
  • Here you can check your call history SMS history and internet data usage history from yesterday, last 7 days and last one month.
  • You can activate new packages.
  • You can check SMS packages, Call minutes and internet data

  • Captcha must be correct and same as it is given below otherwise you can’t be login)
  • Don’t share your PIN code with anyone which you receive as a conformation message. 

Zong Call history, SMS history and Internet history 

Call history: you can check your call history of incoming, outgoing and missed calls from Zong ECare portal with time and duration. You can check all your call history from anywhere and anytime from Zong ECare portal page.

SMS history: you send and receive huge quantity of messages at daily basis. From Zong ECare portal you can check your instant messages with time and date. You can also check message sender or receiver contact number from Zong ECare portal page.

Internet history: from Zong ECare portal you can check your internet usage data from where your internet Mbs use and how much use. From this option you also track your internet usage and control if your Mbs reduces and you don’t use.

Zong ECare Portal account features

From Zong ECare portal account you can check all detail given below.
  • SMS packages, free call minutes, and internet data.
  • Call history, SMS history and internet usage data.
  • Check your remaining balance.
  • Renew your package.
  • Change your package service.
  • Zong payment history.
  • Monthly bill detail of electricity bill, sui gas bill.
  • Recharge your SIM balance by online service or by online recharge card load.
  • You can also complaint of any illegal or unwanted activity from this account.
  • Zong SIM ownership detail.
  • Zong ECare tax certificate.
  • Zong number block.
  • You can check all detail related your Zong SIM.

Method: 2 

To check history from My Zong App – how to check zong call history without ecare

If you don’t want to use Zong ECare portal or you feel any problem using Zong ECare portal then you can check your all required data through Zong app. Zong app have all facilities like Zong ECare portal page.

Zong network introduce their Zong app from where you can also check your call history, SMS history and internet usage and all other SIM detail which you want to check. To use Zong App follow these steps:

  • Go to google play store
  • Type Zong app in URL and press search button.
  • After few sec loading Zong app will be show on your screen.
  • Click on download and install Zong app in your phone.
  • Now enter your phone number on Zong app and check your detail.
  • To download Zong app you will get 1 GB internet free data.
  • Check All Call and msg and internet history.

Method: 3 

Zong website

You can also check your all required data through Zong website which given below. click on this website link and go to Zong website.

after filling your required bio-data like name, CNIC and mobile number you can check all your SIM history activate new packages, check balance.

Method: 4 

Zong helpline number

  • If you don’t interest to use all methods given above then you can check your SIM detail by calling Zong helpline line number.
  • Zong helpline Number: to call Zong helpline number dial 310 from your Zong SIM or dial 111-222-111 from your landline number or from another number.
  • Zong care representative will ask your name, CNIC number, mobile number and will tell you’re required data.
  • From Zong helpline number you can check your SIM call history, SMS history and internet history and all packages, remaining balance. 

Terms and conditions
  • Terms and conditions will be applied by Zong company.
  • Don’t share your pin code with any other
  • To register any complain call Zong helpline number 310.
  • To use first methods, you must have internet facility or mobile data.
  • For third method you must have mobile balance or this call can be do free it depends on company rules
  • In all these methods given above some changes can be do any time by Zong company  
  • Your SIM is your identity so use your SIM after complete bio-metric verification-PTA

FAQ (Frequently asked question)

  1. Which method is best to check call history, and SMS history?
  2.    Best method according my knowledge and experience is to check your all     detail through Zong ECare portal.
  3. What should we do for complain any unwanted or illegal message?
  4.      To complain any unwanted or illegal message type a message with   sender number and send to 9000.
  5. How can activate these packages?
  6.      You can activate any package by calling helpline number 310 or visit nearby franchise.
  7. How can recharge card online.?
  8.     You can recharge card or load balance from Zong ECare portal or from downloading Zong app.
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