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Want to know in advance about lunar eclipses in Pakistan so that they can talk about the effects of lunar eclipses because the effects of lunar eclipses cause the most damage to people, animals and a lot of things like that. Especially when there is a lunar eclipse, children are more harmed because if children look at the moon at night, it can have a bad effect on their eyes, there is a risk of their eyes getting damaged, so Pakistan I am already impatient that if a lunar eclipse is to take place in Pakistan on this date, then on this day people automatically take precaution in their homes and take precautionary measures.

So in this post we will inform you about all the details of the lunar eclipse which will be of great benefit to you and you will be able to know the details of the lunar eclipse of Pakistan which will help you. This will help you to avoid the effects of lunar eclipse on time.In fact, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. A line becomes the mother. The sunlight does not reach the earth. Then a lunar eclipse occurs which harms human beings and other such things. And it is said that if we are affected by it, we can suffer a great deal of damage, as a lunar eclipse usually takes place, especially at night. Caution is necessary because it is necessary for most people to walk at night. They go out and children disturb their parents and siblings at home. We have to go out for a walk. It can be very harmful for children.

Because of the fact that children see the moon at night, parents often point to the moon to distract their children, and some spend their free time looking at the moon at night. If they look at the lunar eclipse, they will be at a disadvantage that their eyes may be damaged because the lunar eclipse has some of the effects. it would be very harmful to the eyes. They can ruin the upper eyelids which can damage the eyes and there are a lot of things that we will tell you about below. But about the details of the first lunar eclipse we tell you that lunar eclipses take place at least twice a year and maximum lunar eclipses can occur five times a year and people using the next lunar eclipse cycle Lunar eclipses can only be predicted because in today’s modern age it has become very easy to predict the moon.


Lunar eclipses in Pakistan

In today’s modern age with the help of various technologies we can predict and find out the day and time of the lunar eclipse because scientists can use the technology when they go around the sky with the help of spacecraft. With the help of calendars, they check to see if there is a lunar eclipse on this date or the day they predict. They update people through newspapers, television and mobile phones. Which makes people aware that there is going to be a lunar eclipse on that day and we have to protect ourselves from the effects of the lunar eclipse for so many hours so many minutes and seconds.

Even before this, when a lunar eclipse used to take place in Pakistan, scientists used to warn people ahead of time through television newspapers and all such things that are made available to the people. Be careful when a lunar eclipse occurs especially for children so now we will talk about when the lunar eclipse will be held in Pakistan during the year 2019 according to scientists and according to this modern technology lunar eclipse will not happen this time in 2022 This year, four lunar eclipses will occur around the world as a resident, in Europe and Africa and Australia and the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

We have predicted to you about these countries that I will see a lunar eclipse in these countries but we tell you that in the year 2022 Pakistan may not see a lunar eclipse but in the year 2022 I will see a lunar eclipse in Pakistan. Last year in 2021 there was a big lunar eclipse in Pakistan which made people take precautions but those who did not take precaution also suffered. Please be careful and we will tell you in detail below how many lunar eclipses will take place in the world in which countries and in Pakistan in 2022.


Chand Grahan Time In Pakistan 2022


1. First Chand Grahan Date In Pakistan 2022:

 26th May 2022


Visible Countries: South & East Asia & Australia & North America & South America & Pacific & Atlantic & Indian & Antarctic


No Visible In Pakistan


2. Second Chand Grahan Date In Pakistan 2022:

10th June 2021

Visible Countries: Europe & Asia & North & West Africa & North America & Atlantic & Arctic


No Visible In Pakistan


3. Third Chand Grahan Date In Pakistan 2022:

18th November 2021


Visibility In Pakistan

North America & Atlantic & Arctic


No Visible In Pakistan


4. Forth Chand Grahan Date In Pakistan 2022:

4th December 2021


Visible Countries: Australia & America & South America & & Atlantic & Indian & Antarctic & Africa


No Visible In Pakistan


Scientists have observed that there will be four lunar eclipses in 2022, but they will not be visible in Pakistan. The first event of the year will be on May 24. The lunar eclipse will occur in East Asia, Australia and North America, and in South America and the Pacific Ocean. Will be seen in the Indian Ocean and Antarctica, and the second eclipse on June 10 will be what we call the eclipse that will be seen in Europe and Asia and West Africa and the Indian Ocean and the United States. Partial lunar eclipses will be found in most parts of the world, including South America and Antarctica, but four lunar eclipses this year in Pakistan but not in Pakistan.

While the fourth lunar eclipse in Pakistan will take place on December 4, but it will not be visible in Pakistan. It can only be seen in Australia and Africa and South America and in the south of the Indian Ocean and Antarctica. Eclipses and lunar eclipses are said to be visible when the sun is considered to be a straight line between the earth and the moon. Solar eclipses cause solar eclipses also cause a lot of damage but you are talking about lunar eclipses. And the fourth lunar eclipse, which will not be seen in Pakistan, will go around the world on December 4, but it will be found in a few countries, including Australia, Africa, South America, the Indian Ocean, and the Internet. 

There are also two types of lunar eclipses, namely solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. When a lunar eclipse occurs, the lunar eclipse comes between the earth and the sun, which we call a straight line, and it is a lunar eclipse due to which We can see a lunar eclipse, but there is also a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun comes between the moon and the earth. Then there is a solar eclipse. There is not much difference between the two.But when a solar eclipse occurs, it has more effects and lunar eclipses, but we are talking about the effects of lunar eclipses are also quite high, which affects human life, so we need to be careful.Lunar eclipses can also cause us a lot of damage so we need to be careful and we need to know in advance so we are going to sing you guys already in this article so that you guys have your own Be careful.


History Of Chand Grahan?

The biggest reason for a lunar eclipse is that the moon comes between the earth and the sun so that the sunlight does not reach the earth and becomes a line which causes the lunar eclipse to occur. That’s why this system is running. It takes twice a year and at most five times. In ancient times, there was a lunar eclipse, but people didn’t know that much, but whatever the religion, everyone believes the same. When a lunar eclipse occurs, it should be saved and adopted, because in the past, people did not know about it, so they would do harm to themselves. If an animal was about to be born, it would have some problem.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, most people say that if a woman is pregnant or about to give birth, she should stay indoors if there is a lunar eclipse. Avoid the effects of eclipses because they are very dangerous with it because life is in the middle in front of the sun. The distance from the sun to the earth is the distance between the moon and the distance from the earth to the moon. And from life to sorrow. The sun’s rays do not reach the earth and the sun escapes through the moon, which is a great danger to the earth, which can damage your eyes and many such problems you May occur but whenever you have a lunar eclipse you have to take precautions. Then slowly as modern technology came to life man became aware and with the help of modern technology he learned about all these things then he knew what a lunar eclipse is and how it looks and its short The following is also explained to you.


What Is Lunar Eslipse?

We will now tell you what a lunar eclipse is and when it occurs. In fact, when a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, the sun’s rays cannot reach the earth, which causes the sunlight to stop Goes and loses its connection with the earth but the moon comes between the sun and the earth which forms a straight line which causes the lunar eclipse to happen before it happened but now It also happens as long as the world lasts. According to scientists, it takes at least twice a year and at most five times a year.

This can happen when the lunar eclipse revolves around the earth. It occurs when the lunar eclipse comes between the sun and the earth, which causes a lunar eclipse to occur. However, this can only happen when the sun and the earth are at or very close to the moon and are connected to the earth between other friends, and only the night of the full moon occurs. We have also called the moon of the phone which completely prevents the sunlight from reaching the moon due to the earth. The light there is rejected by the earth’s atmosphere. This light is the same. The reason it looks reddish is that it is sunrise or sunrise.

And the scattering of light is the opposite of a solar eclipse. It can be seen from any relatively small part of the world. The eclipse lasts only a few minutes because the lunar eclipse is small and unlike a solar eclipse the lunar eclipse is visible and safe without any eye protection or characteristic pain feet. All things should be avoided so that our eyes and we are not affected by it. We only see the lunar eclipse then but only by using something so that it will benefit us that our eyes or any part of our body.


Types Of Chand Grahan?

There is a brief outline of the shadows from the earth that give the central region or the planets full of direct sunlight inside. In contrast, the sunlight inside the outer part is only partial, so the sun and The size of the moon and the earth is not measured by the distance between the bodies. This lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse are in direct proportion to the area covered by the earth. This comparison of the moon is within the southern part of January 19. Ninety-nine pens left during the eclipse. And the moon came out of the shadow to show this slight darkness. The shadow of the earth has two distinct parts and the earth is completely united by the sun within the central area of ​​the shadow. We have the diameter of the sun. The lunar sky is about a quarter of the Earth’s surface, so if only partially there is an outer part to block out direct sunlight, we’ll tell you how to type it.


1. Penumbral Chand Grahan?

This moon occurs when the moon has passed through the Earth’s panombra and reduces the definition of the lunar surface, which was only visible to the naked eye when the moon sinks about 70% of the Earth’s surface. There is a special kind of deep and lunar eclipse which we call during which the moon reaches the inside of the earth exclusively and is no longer found in pen form. When this event occurs, the nearest part of the moon is the room which The value of the parts looks deep. The moon does most of the damage.


2. Partial Chand Grahan?

This moon is visible only when only a part of the moon enters the earth. It also appears when the moon enters the star array. The average speed of the moon is 1.03 kilometers per hour which we find. 23,000 miles per hour in common parlance is said to be a little too much, so it can last a total of about 107 minutes, yet the time between the first and last contact of the moon’s ring with the shadow of the earth is much longer. Which lasts for 236 minutes.


3. Total Chand Grahan ?

This moon is called the full moon which is found inside the earth. Before the full moon the thumb of the moon shines and is hit by direct sunlight on the edge of the moon’s mantle. The whole is more or less the same and the luminosity of the moon ring is usually higher than the rest of the surface which reflects the judges of the very surface inside. The sunlight always beats the rules. Appears in a relatively large amount of central parts and that is why the edge of the full moon is usually more visible than the rest of the lower path. It is found on one surface. And it has effects that appear to be the highest in a centrifugal center. It has very little or no atmosphere with any planetary body.


4. Central Chand Grahan?

This lunar eclipse passes through the center of the Earth’s shadow in which it contacts the anti-solar point. The type of lunar eclipse is relatively rare. When the moon is approaching, the diameter of the earth is not a significant factor in the changes in its ancestral distance, thus the coincidence of the most important ones is found to be overall longer.


Chand Grahan on November 8 2022 In Pakistan?

We will tell you that a lunar eclipse in the year 2022 will take place on November 8, 2022 because with the help of modern technology scientists can find out and a lunar eclipse can take place. I will appear which you can take precautions because if you take precautionary measures in advance it will only benefit you people and if you want to know more you can find out from their website below.




1. Moonrise To Moonset:


2. Moonrise:


3. Moonset:


4. Distance To Center Sun:

 148,215,518 km 

5. Distance To Center Earth:

 388,706 km 

6. Moon Ilumination


7. Lunar phase:


8. Current Zodiac: 


9. Moon age:



Eclipse Schedule In The Pakistan 2022?

We have given you all the details of the year 2022 above and when the lunar eclipse will take place. We have shown the schedule and stages of the open lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022. We have set a time zone for each city which That’s right you can take the time to save light in the account that it can appear in most big cities like Islamabad in big city Karachi on November 8, 2022 in Asia Karachi and Islamabad tomorrow in UTC 5 The lunar eclipse will start at 13:02 and will last until 18:59 at the most. When this lunar eclipse occurs, the first thing you need to do is to find out when the eclipse will take place. Whenever there is a lunar eclipse, avoid its effects so that you will not be harmed.



Lunar eclipses have a profound effect on human life because they affect human life, so it should be avoided. The sun and the moon revolve around the earth when the moon revolves around the sun and When it comes between the earth, a line is formed from which the sunlight cannot reach the earth, which causes a lunar eclipse. In the year 2022, four lunar eclipses will be clearly visible in the world, but it will come. It will be found in different countries but in the year 2020 on November 8 Islamabad can be seen in a big city like Karachi so whenever there is a lunar eclipse take precautionary measures. We have informed you all the details of the lunar eclipse. Thanks.

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