Bmw price in Pakistan 2022 Latest Models List Images

 BMW car price in Pakistan 2022 with complete detail

BMW is the most popular and Luxury car like some other imported vehicle like Lamborghini, ranger rover and Limousine. It was worldwide famous car brands and well known due to their performance, luxury and its power.

BMW car was used in all over the world and imported in Pakistan, Pakistan also produced many BMW models and it can be imported from Germany. It was established in 1916 in the first office of Munich in German. In Pakistan, Dewan motor vehicle is official dealer of BMW vehicle. Faiz world is the best website which gives complete detail about BMW and all other vehicles prices, models and all information according your need. 

bmw price in pakistan

Bmw price in Pakistan Latest Models List Images


In this article we will giving you information about BMW luxury car. It was so expensive car which only affordable for high standard community and rich families, who not only afford this car but also mange in Pakistani roads. It was mostly showed in Bollywood movies and Pakistani dramas.  

Here we will tell you information about 

  • BMW car history
  • Performance
  • Models
  • Price in Pakistani Rupees
  • Specifications
  • Key-features
  • Conclusions

Now the further detail about BMW automobile is given below.


BMW car history

BMW was founding in 1916 by the successor of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, and it was created in 1917 in German Munich firm Rapp-Motorenwerke. In 1920 Munich company was incorporated into Knorr-Bromes. In 1922 it was again refunded again as BMW AG. The name of BMW name based on founder name and stands for Bayerische Motorenwerke or Bavarian Motor Works.

Bmw price in Pakistan Latest Models List Images


logo of BMW was in round circle and showed the inverse order of blue and white color of BMW, the logo of BMW basically showed the company logo.

Performance of BMW

BMW was produced to compete the other luxury vehicle like BMW and Mercedes which debates are continued till today. BMW was manufactured with latest technology like lane keeping assist system, road departure mitigation, and forward collision warning which depends in better and safe driving of BMW vehicle. This technology was inserted in latest models BMW 7 series. Top trending BMW vehicle was completely established in Pakistani markets by Dewan motors and it used in major cities of Pakistan.

In Pakistan BMW was produced 3 series and X1 which was the latest model and its price starts from 50 lacs PKR.


BMW car all new latest models Price Specifications

BMW car models fall in three categories which are SUV/MUV, Sweden category and one is convertible category
There are different models of BMW car available in Pakistan which list are given below.
Bmw price in Pakistan Latest Models List Images
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  1. BMW series 2
  2. BMW series 3
  3. BMW series 4
  4. BMW series 5
  5. BMW X1
  6. BMW X4
  7. BMW X5
  8. BMW X7
  9. BMW Z4
Prices and specifications of all these models explained below.

BMW car price and specifications

The average price of BMW is round about 50 lacs to 30 million (50,00,000 to 30,000,000) Pakistani rupees (PKR) and in European currency was ($300-$18600), but each vehicle price basically depends on their condition and models which we will show through a table
Table about BMW price in PKR, in Dollars and specifications. 
List of  BMW Models & Price in Pakistan
Model BMW 3 series 318i Price in PKR:12.6 million Price in dollars:$78000 Engine:1499 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 6 speed
Model BMW 5 series 530 e Price in PKR: 27.8 million Price in dollars:$173,000 Engine:1998 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 8 speed
Model BMW 7 series M760Li Price in PKR:24.6 million Price in dollars:$153,000 Engine:6592 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 8 speed
Model BMW X1 sDrive18i Price in PKR: 10.3 million Price in dollars:$64000 Engine:1499 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission
Gear box 6 speed
Model BMW X4 XDrive28i Price in PKR: 18.5 million Price in dollars:$115,000 Engine:1997 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 8 speed
Model BMW X5 series XDrive35i Price in PKR: 41.9 million Price in dollars:$260,000 Engine:2979 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box 8 speed
Model BMW X7 XDrive40i Price in PKR:58.8 million Price in dollars: $366,000 Engine:3000 cc Fuel Petrol Transmission Automatic Gear box  8 speed


BMW car is much comfortable and stylish car you feel very relaxing by sitting in even this car drive on messy road. It can also run-in deep water and best for a long drive with family.
BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series are the most popular and best model which well established in Pakistan by Dewan motors with latest technology and designs. You can easily purchase BMW Car by funding in any branches of Pakistan.

Key-feature of BMW

Bmw price in Pakistan Latest Models List Images


Here we will give you information about BMW 7 series features
BMW 7 series is the most luxury car and top best model which have many key-features which 
Distributed in 3 to 4 terms which detail are given below.
  1. Exterior key features
  2. Interior key feature
  3. Safety
  4. Entertainment

1.Exterior key-features

  • Adjustable headlights front and back
  • Adjustable mirror
  • Rain sensing wiper

2.Interior key-features

  • Power starring system
  • Outsider temperature display
  • Air conditioned
  • Digital clock
  • Engine start up button
  • Classic and multi-functional steering system
  • Leather and electronic adjustable seats front and back
  • Leather steering wheel
  • 4 seats
  • 4 to 6 personas sitting capacity


  • Anti-locking brake system
  • Central locking
  • Power door locks
  • Child safety locks
  • Day and night view mirror
  • Driver and passenger air bag
  • Rear seat belts front and back
  • Power windows front and back
  • Classic and multi-functional steering system
  • Leather and electronic adjustable seats front and back.


  • FM radio, Bluetooth, DVD player, speakers, USB
  • Connectivity with android and apple phone
  • Internal storage for recording
  • Touch screen LCD in front and back seats
  • Cigarette lighter

Availability of BMW in Pakistan

All latest brands of BMW are available in Pakistan. You can get easily BMW through any bank of Pakistan by financial funding. But the most popular brand of BMW is BMW 3 series, 5 series and 7 series which you can get easily without any tax. You can also import BMW from abroad by paying few charges of custom duty and taxes. 

 Conclusion about BMW 

Here we give information about BMW introduction, performance, models and other detail. The best BMW is series 7 which key-features are given above and it manufactured with all latest technology. If you feel any problem or need extra information regarding BMW or other topic you can visit our website or contact us Comment given below.
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FAQ (frequently asked question)

  • 1.What is the price of BMW?
  • BMW average price is round about 50 lacs to 30 million in Pakistani rupees.
  • 2.Which model of BMW is best?
  • All models of BMW are the best and luxuries but according my choice and search BMW 7 series is the best which complete detail is given above.
  • 3.Which model of BMW is cheapest?
  • BMW X1 is the cheapest model which price is affordable $64000.
  • 4.Which one is better Audi or BMW?
  • BMW beats Audi due to their best performance and latest technology.
  • 5.Which one is cheaper Audi, Mercedes or BMW?
  • Mercedes is much cheaper than Audi and BMW, Mercedes cheaper 24% than Audi and 20% cheaper than BMW. BMW and Audi price has nominal difference.
  • 6.Is BMW fast or Audi?
  • Interior wise Audi is the top of list but according to sports way BMW is much faster than Audi.
  • 7.How BMW name was founded?
  • BMW name based on founder’s name and stand for Bayerische Motorenwerke or Bavarian Motor Works.
  • 8.In which year BMW was manufactures?
  • BMW was manufactured in 1917 and it was reconstructed with latest technology and model.
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