What is the desi month date today?

The Punjabi calendar started in 57 B.C. and is based upon the Bikrami calendar
with king Vikramaditya. during the Punjabi festival. The desi month date
today is a blog post where we will be talking about what the desi month date
is and how it works. We hope that this information helps you to understand the
concept of desi months as well as what they are used for.

The Punjabi calendar is a solar calendar that someone can use to plan their
day. It has 12 months, each with 30 days. This means there are 360 days in
total in the year, which makes sense because it’s similar to how many hours
there are in a day. People who follow this calendar believe that it was
created by God and is an accurate way for people to know when certain events
happened on Earth, such as the birth of Christ or Muhammad’s birthday. The
Punjabi Calendar is one of many different calendars being used around the
world today. The most popular ones are Gregorian and Julian calendars but
there are others like Persian, Hebrew, Hindu, and Islamic calendars too! Some
people choose one they want to follow based.


Desi Month Date


1- Festival- Maghi/Makar Sankranti.

2- Month- Magh.

3- Date- 1 Magh.

4- Solar or lunar month- Solar.


Months of Indian  Pakistani civil calendar:

Months Days Correlation
1- Caitra 30 March 22
2- Vaisakha 31 April 21
3- Jyaistha 31 May 22
4- Asadha 31 June 22

Which Punjabi month has 32 days?

A Jyestha (Jetth in Punjabi)  has 32 days. It falls in May – June this
month means ‘big’.


Is today sangrand?

According to traditional month, this month falls in July 2022 sangrand
and it shows the first day of this July 2022. When I talked about the date of
sangrand, its date is 16 July 2022 on Friday. Actually, this is Sawan month.



What is the date today of desi month?

With respect to lunar calendar, the date of this month is 2nd August  2022  is
on Sawan Vadi 9.


What are the Punjabi months?

1- Vaisakh     14th April- 14th May.

2- Jeth            15th May- 14th June.

3- Harh           15th June- 15th July.

4- Sawan        16th July- 15th August.


 Check the Complete Desi Calendar 2022

How many days are in Punjabi month?


  • Maghar 30
  • Poh 30
  • Magh 30
  • Phagun 30/31

This is the format of the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar.


What is the meaning of Sangrand?

This is also called Maghi Sangrand. This Magha month with respect to the Hindu
solar calendar. When I talk about dogers, so among them there is the tradition of
Mansana and another name of this month is  ‘Maghi sangrand’.



What is the date of this month today?

This is called Panchami when masya date refers to the 5th day. This day has great
Value in the Hindu religion and is considered a very special day for some Hindu
rituals. It refers to the month of February on 16 February (Tuesday).


What is the date of Shaban today in Pakistan?

In the Muslim world, the Islamic date is referred to Hijri date or Arabic date.
Muslims follow the moon phases which is called as lunar calendar. On August
2nd, 2022 also called (23 dhul hijrah 1442). So in Pakistan, the islamic date
is 23 Dhul Hijjah 1442.



Which festival is today for Sikhs?

The Sikh community celebrates the birthday of their Guru Gobind Singh Ji at
their festival called Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. Guru Gobind Singh was the
tenth Guru of the Sikh community. In this celebration, the Sikh community arranges
to offer religious prayer on their land.


What is the Sikh calendar called?

They called this calendar nanakshahi. Sikh community gave its name from Guru
Nanak. He considered him the founder of Sikhism. With the help of the
traditional Vikrama calendar, they set the date of this festival.



What is Bikrami year?

This solar year starts on the 13th of March or at the start of spring. This year
consists of 365 days. The ninth month of this year consists of 30 days. The
next one month is of 31 days and the last two months of this year consist of
32 days.


What happens on sangrand?

The name was given is due to which people think that the sun leaves one Zodiac sign
and enters other zones. This day is for those who worship the sun. This
sangrand is the scariest day for those worshippers. On this day they arrange
special prayers, just for that they think, God will cast kind eyes on them
throughout the year. But a Sikh community does not worship the sun.


What is the importance of sangrand?

The Sikh community celebrates the festival of Maghi, which is associated with the martyrdom of 40 Sikh volunteers which is called Muktey. This means to librate.

On this special occasion, they arrange special prayers and start praying for all
communities just for the sake of happiness.


Punjabi desi month names list 2022

According to the desi calendar, there are 12 months this year. The first month
of this year is called ‘chet’ and the last month of this year is called ‘phagan’.

All the names of months of this desi calendar are given below in chronological

* Chet













Desi month dates

If you want to know about the dates of sangrand Puranmashi, Masya, and Dasmi,   etc then must read the below-mentioned description.

This description is divided into the following sections.

1- Sangrand dates in 2022. 

2- Masya dates in 2022.

3- Puranmashi dates in 2022.

4- Dasmi dates in 2022.

5- Panchmi dates in 2022.



Sangrand dates 2022:


Date Day Month
14 Jan Thu Maagh
12 Feb Fri Phagan
14 Mar Sun Chet
13 Apr Tue Vaisakh
14 May Fri Jeth
15 Jun Tue Harh
16 Jul Fri Sawan
16 Aug Mon Bhadon
16 Sep Thu Assu
17 Oct Sun Khattak
16 Nov Tue Maghar
15 Dec Wed Poh

Masya in 2022:

13 Jan-  Wednesday

11 Feb-  Thursday

13 Mar-  Saturday

11-12 Apr-  Sun-Monday

11 May-  Tuesday

10 Jun-  Thursday

9-10 July-  Fri-Saturday

8 Aug-  Sunday

7 Sep-  Tuesday

6 Oct-  Wednesday

4 Nov-  Thursday

4 Dec-  Saturday



Puranmashi in 2022:

28 Jan-  Thursday 

27 Feb-  Saturday 

28 Mar-  Sunday 

27 Apr-  Tuesday 

26 May-  Wednesday 

24 Jun-  Thursday 

24 Jul-  Saturday 

22 Aug-  Sunday 

20 Sep-  Monday 

20 Oct-  Wednesday 

19 Nov-  Friday 

11 Dec-  Sunday 


Punchami in 2022:

It starts from 5th day of Masy date is known as Panchami. This day has great
importance in Hindus religion.

18 Jan-  Monday 

16 Feb-  Tuesday 

18 Mar-  Thursday 

17 Apr-  Saturday 

17 May-  Monday

15 Jun-  Tuesday 

15 Jul-  Thursday 

13 Aug-  Friday 

11 Sep-  Saturday 

10 Oct-  Sunday 

9 Nov-  Tuesday 

8 Dec-  Wednesday 


Dashmi in 2022:

From 10th day of Masya it is known as dashmi. This calendar is followed in
Temples and Gurudwaras.

23 Jan-  Saturday 

22 Feb-  Monday 

24 Mar-  Wednesday 

22 Apr-  Thursday 

22 May-  Saturday 

20 Jun-  Sunday 

19 Jul-  Monday 

17 Aug-  Tuesday 

16 Sep-  Thursday 

15 Oct-  Friday 

13 Nov-  Saturday 

13 Dec-  Monday 



Punjabi lunar Calendar short survey:

This Punjabi lunar calendar starts from chait. The months of this Punjabi
lunar calendar begin from the day after the full moon and end on seeing the full
moon. According to this month of chait, it is split into two years. This means
the two weeks up to the new moons are counted in the year. The two weeks from
the day offer the new moon fall into next year. Chait is not the new Punjabi
official year, but chait starts from the lunar year. On the basis of this, we
determine many festivals.



*Maghi/Makar sankranti-  Magh

*Holika Dahan-  Phagan

*Holi-  Chait

*Raksha Bhandan-  Sawan

*Vaisakhi-  Visakh

*Lohri-  Poh

Teej/Teeyan-  Sawan

*Basant-  Magh


Days in Punjabi:

*Monday-  Somvar

*Tuesday-  Mangalvar

*Wednesday-  Budhvar

*Thursday-  Veervar

*Friday-  Shukarvar

*Saturday-  Sanicharvar

*Sunday-  Aitvar



In short, I taught you the best way to learn the desi Punjabi months. I also
explain very smoothly the importance of each Punjabi calendar and their
origin. In the same way, I solved your queries related to the worship of the
sun. I also explained the dates, days, and their related desi months. If you
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